Friday, August 16, 2013

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Thursday, 18 July 2013 

Lima Peru Airport
Bus from Airport to MTC

ll, it’s crazy here at the MTC. I understand next to nothing. I am in a room with 5 others. 4 are native and my companion is white and is from California and knows way more Spanish than I do. He can communicate with the others and I can’t. He is cool though. Our plane got in last night at about midnight then it took a while to get through customs and immigration and then we had to go on an hour long bus drive to the MTC. We drove past like an infinity of buildings that had graffiti all over them and were three stories high made out of brick and looked like they were about to fall down. We got to the MTC at about 2 am and got to bed at like 3 am. Luckily they didn’t make us wake up until 9 this morning. That was definitely nice. Except I think it would be more comfortable sleeping on the floor. This bed is honestly horrible but it’s all part of the MTC experience!!!

Today we went to registration and got our name tags and everything. We had to get our pictures taken, and exchange our money for Peruvian soles. After that they let you send a quick letter home so that is what I’m doing now!! I love this place. I’m so grateful to be here. Austin [Phillip’s cousin] will for sure love it here. The other thing that was horrible this morning was the fact that the breakfast was horrible. We had super soupy yogurt and coco puffs that tasted more salty than they did sweet with warm cow tasting milk. It tasted disgusting and made me gag, but I loved it!! Love you all! Can’t wait to write you again.

Love, the Philster

p.s. - that plane last night was straight up ridiculous! I want to fly on a plane like that every time I fly!!
The Boeing Dreamliner

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