Monday, October 28, 2013

Missionary work is the best! Even when you are hot and sweaty. - 10/28/13

28 Octubre 2013

Once again. Don't even know where to begin. Pretty good week though. Super duper duper hot. I'm kind of just used to that now though. I wake up expecting to sweat the entire day. 

This last week flew by. Tuesday we had our district meeting which was really good. We set a goal to talk to way more people than we have been. Just like they said in conference. If you want to teach more people, you have to talk to more people. Hopefully we still get some new investigators soon that we will be able to start teaching. Lots of people here will listen to what you have to say but have absolutely no desire to change. There are tons of people here that were born Catholic and they're sure gonna die Catholic too. It's okay though. There's lots of people here too that are prepared for the gospel and are ready for the message that we have.

Wednesday morning as Elder Cortes and I were studying in the morning we got a call from the zone leaders saying that we were going to have companion exchanges for the day. So after lunch I got to go to Santa Julia with Elder L. Elder L is super great. He is from Argentina and he's been out for like 23 months. He’s the first missionary from his branch in 10 years. I really liked working with Elder L. One of the things that I really liked about working with him was that even though he's going home in like 3 weeks he's not trunky at all. He wants to make the best of the little time he has left in the field. Even though he's probably not going to be having any more baptisms, he still works hard. He's not here to add another baptism to his list, he's here cause he wants to share the gospel with everyone. It was super good working with him. I feel like I learned a lot. 

Friday was another super good day this week. Friday was my first multi-zone conference. It was sooooooooooo great. The theme of this conference was "What can I do to become a consecrated missionary?" One of the things I loved about it was that President talked about the importance of knowing our purpose. We talked about the Book of Mormon a lot and went over examples in the Book of Mormon of people who knew their purpose. I love the Book of Mormon. We can honestly learn so much from the Book of Mormon. President always talks about how we need to read the Book of Mormon every day and look for things that apply to our investigators. It was a super good conference. One of the missionaries that had to give a talk, talked about how there is good in every day and how we need to find the good. In the mission there are hard and challenging things every single day. But there are also things that are super great about every day. We have to find the good in every day and not dwell on the hard or trying things. 

Saturday went super well. It was one of the days where you are walking all day long, teaching a ton of people, talking to a ton of people, and getting rejected a lot. One of the reasons that I felt like it was a great day was because it was one of the days that makes you feel confident in the language. It's days like that that really make me think about how much I've learned in the past 3 months. It's days like that that encourage me and make me believe that I can learn this language. I know I will. I just have to keep practicing and studying. The gift of tongues is real.

Sunday was a great day. They always are. One of the coolest parts of Sunday was that I got to help with the confirmation of Anthony. It was a super cool experience. He is super excited and happy about being a member of the church. After sacrament meeting he had a meeting with the Bishop and received a calling. That night we went over to his house and when we got there he was reading his scriptures. There is no way on earth that he would have been doing that 2 months ago. He really has received a testimony!

And I got the flash drive this last week with all of the music on it! That was amazing to get! I love music! Music can bring the spirit and help calm you down like almost nothing else can. Music is powerful! 

Today for p-day I went and got my hair cut and then went to Tottus. This afternoon we're going to play soccer with some other missionaries and a couple of future missionaries. It should be really fun in the million degree weather! Haha. Soccer is really fun. It's literally the main thing here that people do to have fun. Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer.

It’s crazy how fast time flies by on the mission. Lauren will be at halfway this year in 2013. It honestly seems like she left a month or two ago. I've been in Piura for 2 months now and it only feels like 3 weeks maybe. Lauren, you’re right, there is no way that I can pay Him back for all the blessings I'm receiving. We can't pay Him back. But that's not going to stop us from trying! Missionary work is the best! Even when you are hot and sweaty. It's the best. Keep working hard. Love you!

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