Monday, December 23, 2013

Summer here is going to be a killer! jaja literally.. - 12/16/13

One more week in Paita. I have almost been here in Paita for a month now. Crazy right? This last week was a pretty decent week. Not overly amazing, but not bad at all. And it's definitely starting to warm up. I cannot wait for January and February. Summer here is going to be a killer! jaja literally..

Tuesday morning we had our district meeting which went pretty well. I really love district meetings. My district is really cool. There are 2 other gringos in my district so it is kind of fun. They are super cool. My whole district is really cool. I really love being here in Paita. After the district meeting we went and had a practice with our whole zone practicing what we are going to be doing for the Christmas conference on the 24th in Piura. I'm so excited for the Christmas Conference. It's going to be sweet! We are singing this really cool version of Silent Night in English and Spanish. It's super cool. I love music. Music brings the spirit so strongly into my life. Thank you so much for the music you sent me. It honestly helps so much. With everything. When I am sad. When I am homesick. When I am happy. When I am frustrated. It always helps. Music is the best. Especially music this time of year about our Savior.

Wednesday was a super duper duper hot day here in the mission. We went out at 10:00 am and sweated like crazy all the way until lunch. It was ridiculously hot. Super pretty day though. I am so grateful to be here on the ocean. It's so pretty. I honestly feel so blessed to be here in this area! After lunch we went to visit some people in the area called Nueva Esperanza in our branch. It's in the upper part of Paita and is super far away, so we don't go there very much, but we ended up going to visit some members there. I'm grateful that most of my time is in the lower part of Paita. The upper part of Paita is completely dirt. And TONS of wind. All of the 18 other missionaries in our zone are in the upper part except us. We're so blessed. Wednesday night we had a Family Home Evening with a less active family and the leaders of the branch. It was super great. I really think it helped inspire Hermano L to prepare to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. He realizes the importance and knows how much of a blessing he can be to his family! It was a super great night!

Thursday we went and had a service activity in the morning. We went and painted Hermana C's house. Hermana C is our pensionista. She is the coolest lady ever! And her house is super cool overlooking the ocean. The only problem was that it was a ugly green color. But we ended up painting it turquoise. It looks pretty cool now. It was kind of hard to paint though, because part of it is super duper high. We ended up having to tape paint brushes and paint rollers to the end of these long poles and paint on the top of a ladder to get it done. We finally got it done though and it looks so much better! It was a pretty fun morning. After that we went and had a ton of appointments that afternoon. We were literally running from one appointment to the next because we didn't have enough time. I was so tired that night. It was a great day though!
Painting our Pensionista's House
Friday was day 150 of the mission. Can you believe that? 150 amazingly hard and challenging and so worth it days. The mission is the best. We had weekly planning in the morning then went to teach a lesson to a 15 year old that lives here in Paita. His whole family was baptized earlier this year, but he didn´t want to get baptized with them, because he felt like he didn't have a testimony of the gospel which is a valid reason to not want to be baptized. He has been coming to church almost every Sunday for a while now with his family and has now decided that he has gained a testimony and wants to be baptized. He has had all the missionary lessons before so we went over to review with him to make sure he remembers everything. He remembered everything! He knows the lessons better than we do! jaja not really, but he knew almost everything! He is ready to come with us to visit investigators! He is a super great kid. He's going to be such a strength to this ward and to his family! I'm super happy for him!

The highlight of Saturday was during personal study when I read the talk called "Put Your Trust in the Lord" by Elder Ballard from this past general conference about the importance of spreading the gospel. That was a super great motivation for me. There is nothing better that I could be doing right now than sharing the gospel. I know that what he said is true. If we put our trust in the Lord, He will bless us with all the things we need to be successful at sharing the gospel. The Lord is hastening the work. This church truly needs everyone to reach out a hand and help share this gospel with someone else! I am so grateful to be here on the mission!

Sunday morning we went to church and about 8:45 President Rowley showed up with his wife. President had some interviews in Paita in the afternoon so he decided to come visit our branch for the morning. President loves Puerto Paita. We truly have one of the prettiest areas in the mission. An ocean front chapel. Not many members of the church have that! All of Sunday went great. I love being a missionary. It's hard and challenging, but the blessings are worth more than anything!

Today for P day we didn't do much. We went and hiked to a cool spot to take pictures this morning, but other than that we just kind of stayed in our apartment and relaxed. Mainly just because my companion doesn't feel really well today. It's been a great day though!

Thanks for all of the love and support! Love you guys! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Love, Elder Baker

Sounds like it's pretty cold there. How about I give you about 30 degrees of warmth from Paita. Then it will be better for both of us!

I really think I've gained 15 pounds here. The food is great! And I love fish! So I love Paita! Cause it's a fishing town!

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