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Training is the best! Actually it's the hardest! & Celebrating a Birthday - 2/17/14

17 de Febrero 2014

19 years old! I remember when I was a little kid and I thought that I would be leaving for my mission at 19. But it turns out that on my nineteenth birthday I have 7 months in the mission field. I can hardly believe that 7 months have already flown by. Every single day is a blessing. And every single day goes by so fast! You gotta make the most of what little you got!

What a week it has been. Probably the hardest of my mission so far. I have been stretched and have had to do things that I didn't know I can do. But I have been able to make it through. Being a trainer is hard. Lots of times I want to cry, because I have no clue how I am going to do it. But somehow I am able to do it! I know that the Lord is helping me. I have no doubt. I have to take it one day at a time, but I can do it!

On Tuesday Elder M and I had to travel to Piura to pick up our new companions. We arrived at the mission office at 3 pm and had a little meeting with President. He talked about how when there are transfers, he always chooses the trainers very first and then goes on and takes care of all the other changes. He talked about how the Lord directs the transfers. He talked about how we were chosen to be trainers this transfer for a reason. I still don't know what that reason is for sure, but I know that it is true. I have learned so much in this past week.
Me and my new companion with President & Sister Rowley
After that little meeting we got our new companions. My companion's name is Elder R. He was born in the jungle of Peru, but he has been living in Lima. He actually lives in Austin´s mission. He is 20 years old. He was baptized at 8 years old but has been inactive pretty much his whole life. He started getting reactivated in the church in March of 2013. So he has less than a year being active. He is a super loving kid though and has sincere desires to serve! Pretty great!

Since my companion doesn't have much time being active in the church, he really doesn't have a super knowledge of the gospel. He doesn't know all the doctrines super clearly that we teach, but it is okay. He is learning quickly. We're spending lots of time studying all of the lessons so that he will be able to teach them more clearly. 

I have grown so much this past week. My companion is shy. Even more shy than I am. So this past week, I have had to direct almost everything. Every contact, every lesson, ward council, everything. But he is getting better each day and is starting to talk more. I have seen a miracle take place in my Spanish. I have been able to teach and speak and understand like never before. And I know that the Lord is playing a part in that. I know that He has called me to do this and I know that He won't abandon me. I know that He will be with me every step of the way to help me through this. Another thing that has helped me is that I have gotten more serious about language study every day. I know that it is super duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper important, especially now when I am forced to talk a lot. 

Honestly, it has always been hard for me to talk with people in the streets and when we knock on doors because I'm naturally shy talking with strangers, and because I didn't have much confidence in my language abilities. I was always worried about what people were going to think about the way I talk. But this past week I have honestly seen that fear start to leave me. Every day before we leave the apartment I pray for the confidence that I need to be able to talk with people. Another thing that has helped me is in the "Adjusting to Missionary Life" book. It says, "Think to yourself. What is the worst that could happen? And if it is something that you can live with, then do it!" That's what I have learned. At this point I really don't care what people think. I am going to do my part. The worst thing that can happen is that the person I am talking to will laugh or reject the message that we have. And if that happens, it's not going to make me happy, but it is definitely something that I can deal with! 

We taught a ton of less active members this week! And as we are teaching them, we are getting references! This week we have three references that we have received and have appointments with these people! The Lord directs this work. If we are obedient and do what we need to do, He will place people in our path, He will fill our hearts with what we need to say, and we will see miracles. Miracles happen every single day! Some are big, and others not so big. But we need to give our Heavenly Father thanks for both. I am so grateful for everything that He has blessed me with!

So yesterday was my birthday! 19 years old. Pretty crazy, no!? Actually I don't feel any different! Pretty much the exact same. But my birthday was great! Somehow, they knew that it was my birthday. After the meetings yesterday, pretty much the whole branch sang happy birthday to me. In English first, and then in Spanish. Honestly I like it in Spanish a lot better. It's a lot faster and a lot happier. In English it's super duper slow and it's like a death march. (Especially with the Twitchell family when Jared, Austin, and I are singing!) jaja.

After church yesterday we went over to the house of a member who was baptized in December and his mom made me a cake for my birthday! It was actually super duper good! 
And last night we went over to our pensionista's house to use her cell phone to call the district leader to report numbers for the week and she had Pollo a la Brasa [blackened chicken] for us and Inca Kola and another cake! It's great to feel loved! This branch has been good to me! The members here in Peru honestly are so great!
Birthday Dinner & Cake!
 The best part of yesterday was probably the package from home though! Thanks guys! Candy is great! Ties are great! But the best part was the letter. Nothing makes missionaries happier than a letter from home! Letters are the best! 

Well anyways! That's pretty much it for this week. Thanks for all of the love and support! Love you guys!

Elder Baker!

I love piano. When Elder E left to go home last week, he left some CDs. He left one that has an album from Jon Schmidt. I LOVE IT!

I miss the Olympics. Yesterday we walked into the house of some members and they were watching the Olympics! It was the first time I have seen anything about it here. They were watching curling though, which is about the most boring event in the Winter Olympics.

Lauren, Training is the best! Actually it's the hardest! But I'm learning a ton! This is going to be a great thing for me!

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