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I received my mission call over a year ago. That is crazy. - 3/3/14

3 de marzo 2014

I received my mission call over a year ago. That is crazy. This last year has passed by so fast. I have learned so much. And there is no where else that I would rather be. 

This last week I learned a lot. One of the things I have really been learning is the importance of the spirit. In my life, in our lessons, really in everything. The spirit is one of the most important things here as a missionary. 

Monday night we went over to have a devotional with the family of Hermano Inga. Three of his four children aren't members of the church and are Catholic. We were able to have a pretty cool devotional and talk with their family. After our part, they invited a Catholic pastor or something to come and offer a prayer. I think it was called a rosario or something. It was very different from anything I have ever experienced. It made me super grateful to be a member of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias.

Tuesday another thing happened that I wasn't used to. We were teaching a less active member and we were having a super great lesson, but during the middle of it in at one of the houses of his neighbors, people were performing an exorcism on this girl that was supposedly possessed. And the spirit left. There was no way that we could continue to teach with that. So we ended up saying a prayer and scheduling another appointment with him. It gave me the creepers that's for sure. There were tons of guys yelling and screaming and it was scary. I was super glad to leave that area! 

Wednesday we were able to teach Hermano T again! He was one of our investigators that we had back in December, but he moved to the upper part of Paita so we haven't been able to teach him for months. But he is back in Paita Baja and wants to continue to listen to missionaries! We had a super cool lesson with him about prayer. And yesterday he came to church! He even showed up about 15 minutes early! That's earlier than the members! I'm super happy about teaching him again! 

Thursday we had a visitade trabajo with the district leader. I got to work with Elder O here in Puerto Paita. It was super duper duper fun working with him. We worked super hard though. We had one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission! We went to visit a member that was baptized about a year ago. She wasn't home but her husband was. He wasn't baptized with his wife but he has listened to the missionaries for a long time and knows pretty much all of the lessons and the doctrine. Better than some of the members! But we started to talk with him. The problem is that he works on Sundays and doesn't think he can quit working Sundays. We shared Mosiah 18:8-10 with him and then challenged him to be baptized. We promised him blessings if he would put his faith in the Lord and quit working Sundays to be able to attend church. The spirit was SOOOOOOOOOOOO strong. You can't deny the spirit that was felt in that lesson. And he accepted the invitation to be baptized! It's definitely not something that is set in stone, but it's a great start! Now we just have to keep working with him. And allow him to feel that same spirit again!

Friday was a pretty good day. 1 year since I got my mission call. I can hardly believe that! CRAZY.

Saturday probably the best part of the day was our lesson with Hermana E. She was baptized in November. She is super great but is going through a trial in her life. And it's making her question her testimony. We had a lesson with her that was super cool. It was one of the first times where I haven't been focused on the things we were going to say at all. All of my attention was on her. And I was thinking about her needs. What was it that she needed? And the spirit helped us teach to her. We were able to share a couple scriptures that she really liked and help her feel of the spirit once again in her life! Honestly I'm starting to have those lessons a lot more in my mission. And it's so cool! It makes me want to continue to improve my ability to listen to the spirit. Teaching with the spirit is really the only effective way to teach!

Sunday was crazy. We showed up to church and the whole presidency of District Paita was there along with the counselor of Mission Peru Piura. So everyone knew something was going to happen. And they ended up changing the branch presidency. We now have a new branch President here in Puerto Paita. It is one of the last people that I was expecting, but when they called his name, everything seemed to be right. I know that the Lord has called him to be branch president. I'm super excited to be able to work with him. This is the first big calling that he has had in the church, and he is feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but I'm sure he will do a great job! And it's now our duty to help him and support him 100%.

This morning for p-day we went to one of the beaches here in Paita to play some games. It was actually super fun. We went to Yacila. It's actually like 20 minutes from Paita, but is super pretty! The coolest part of today though was that we ran into Hermana Liliana from my old area here in Peru! She is one of the less active members that we taught in Lopez Albujar. When we started teaching her she hadn't been to church in years! But by the time I left Lopez Albujar she was attending regularly! And today she told us that she is still attending! It was so cool to see her! It was a super great self esteem booster! It makes me feel like I have actually helped someone here in my mission! She used to always laugh and make fun of me because I didn't understand anything and couldn't speak very much. She was amazed today at my Spanish. It really has improved sooooooooooooooooooo much during my time here in Paita! jaja. That was so cool! I'm so happy today! 

On our way to the beach

Thanks for all of the love and support! I love you all! I know that the church is true! I have no doubt about it! 

Elder Baker

I felt super stressed when I was called to serve as a trainer. But I learned that we just have to put our trust in the Lord, do our part, and he helps us out with the rest. There really isn't a need to stress. Just do what you can!

Lauren, What a week you have had. Pretty crazy living in the mission home. Pretty cool experience though! Keep up the great work. I love reading your letters! Super motivation boosters! You're the best! Love you! Pray for you daily!

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