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There are no such things as winter months here in Paita. Summer. ALL YEAR LONG! - 03/24/14

24 de Marzo 2014

Well how are you all doin'? It's been a while. Like 7 days. jaja
This last week was a good week. Not much has changed about the heat. It's still super hot. All day every day. I'm pretty used to sweating. It's pretty cool counting how many drops of sweat fall from your chin in 1 minute. I've probably set a new world record. 

Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. It was pretty good. I love district meetings. I love being able to talk with other missionaries. That's usually one of the few times each week where we get to talk to other missionaries. Sometimes it can be a little lonely, but when I see other missionaries it reminds me that I'm part of an 80,000 person army. I love being a missionary. It's the best. It's the hardest, but it's the best.

After the district meeting we had to go and fill out that survey that Lauren talked about because Elder Grow is going to be coming to our multi-zone conferences this next month! I'm pretty excited! And then after that we went and ate lunch. Hermana Columba's husband is a Buzo. No clue what that is in English, but it's someone who dives in the ocean and uses his harpoon to shoot and catch super cool fish. And they're super expensive too. But he catches them in the morning and comes home for lunch and then sometimes he cooks us lunch. Tuesday we ate Mero. It was the best lunch of my entire life. It tops everything. McDonalds even. It was so good! 

Tuesday evening we went and taught L. We are focusing in our mission right now on "rescuing." To "rescue" a member, the missionaries have to teach them all 5 lessons, they have to attend church 2 times and have an interview with the bishop or branch president! And on Tuesday we finished teaching the 5 lessons to L. It was super great! He's a super great member with a super duper duper strong testimony! We just had to help him find it! 

Wednesday the thing that stood out to me most was the fact that it was 100,000 degrees in our apartment. My companion is new in the mission and all of the new missionaries have an hour of additional study time. During this time we study and practice teaching the lessons. Honestly I really like it. I know it's for the new missionary, but I'm learning a ton! The only problem about it is that it's in our apartment from 10 until 11 every morning. And I'm not sure but I think someone turns on the heat at about 9 every morning and by 10 the room is preheated and ready for the cookies. Cooking time of 60 minutes and you've lost 10 pounds from sweating. IT'S HORRIBLE! But I will live. The people keep on saying that it's going to cool down a bit in April. I don't believe it though. Because in February they said it is going to cool down a bit in March. And I'm still waiting! March has 7 more days to prove itself though.

Thursday was the best day of the week. Thursday we had to go to Piura for the 5-week training for all the new missionaries and the trainers. It was so cool getting together and getting to talk with all of the other people that are in the same spot that I am. I can hardly believe that I have made it through half of the training. Being a trainer is hard. And the training that we had on Thursday made me realize that I'm not a perfect trainer, and that there are tons of things that I can do better. But I just have to put forth my best effort every single day. 

It was super fun talking with Elder S who is training right now too. He is probably the funniest elder in the mission, and one of my best friends. It's so funny to talk with him. He has a great attitude about everything. Definitely one of the people that I'm going to talk to after my mission! And another great thing was that we ate Sloppy Joes for lunch. No joke. Good old American Sloppy Joes. They were so good. And Inca Kola. Jugo de los dioses [juice of the Gods].

Friday as we were eating lunch, Hermana Columba's sister showed up. She is the one that was companions with Haylee Buchanan in Argentina. How small is the world? Especially in the church! Everyone seems to know someone!
Lunch at our pensionista's home
With Karen Aguirre (Haylee Buchanan's companion)
This week was the last week of this transfer. But Elder R and I are staying here for another transfer. That means that I'm going to have 6 months here in Paita. Paita is rough. The work was a lot easier in Piura, but I enjoy being here. I have learned a ton. And there is no way in the world that I would want to trade all of these wonderful things that I have been fortunate enough to experience! 

Sunday, Hermana G and her kids showed up to church! We had a lesson with her and her husband earlier in the week and we talked about the importance of marriage. They both want to get married. And she wants to be baptized! So we are going to try to encourage them and help them so that they can get married soon! 

One funny thing happened Sunday night. We went and visited these members who have a sister in law of theirs that is staying there. She is like 80 years old. She fell and broke her leg and so her whole leg is in a cast. But she doesn't remember falling and going to a doctor, and she thinks that while she was sleeping people put her entire leg in a cast as a joke. She is super angry and wants to take off the cast because "This joke is not funny at all!" but her leg is broken and she has to have the cast! jajajajajaja. It was one of those situations where you just have to try not to laugh.

Today was pretty good. All the new people arrived in Paita that had transfers. We got a new zone leader today in Paita. He is actually coming from a mission in Venezuela. There are some crazy things happening in Venezuela right now so they took all of the foreigners and placed them in other missions. The only people that are in the missions in Venezuela right now are the people that are from Venezuela. Pretty crazy! But we played soccer, like usual. And I'm dead tired.

I'm so grateful for all of my many blessings. The mission is the best! I would recommend it to anyone! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true! Love you all!

Elder Baker

Lauren, Sounds like you are doing some major work in your area! I'm so happy for the family that you are teaching! Families are the best. A family centered in the gospel is destined for happiness! Love you tons! Keep working hard! I pray for you daily! 

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