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Trip to Lima to change our visa status from tourist to religious visa - 06/02/14

2 de Junio 2014

Well hello there people. It's been a while since I've talked to all of you. Like 2 full weeks! And there is so much to tell you guys, and I don't think that there is going to be enough time to tell you guys everything. But I'll try.
So I'm gonna start with last Sunday night. So it was like 10:45 pm and Elder I and I were already in bed trying to fall asleep when the phone rang. And it was our zone leader and he told me that the next morning I had to be at the airport in Piura at 7:30 in the morning because I had to go to Lima. That was pretty crazy. So, we live about an hour from the airport. So we had to wake up super early the next morning and pack everything together that I needed and then we headed to Piura. We ended up getting there at about 8 am. It was super exciting. Because when I got there, there were like 20 other gringos that were going. It was super cool to see everyone! EVERYONE! I honestly had tons of friends going! So anyways, the personal secretary showed up and gave us all our plane tickets and our passports and we said goodbye to all of our companions and we went to go through security. Security here is a joke. It's nothing like the US. In the states they are so uptight about everything. Here you could take a live pig with you if you wanted to. But anyway, so we all got onto the plane at about 9:30 am. It didn't leave until about 9:45 though. It's pretty cool traveling by airplane. We got there at about 11 and then piled into combis and headed over to migrations. We had to wait there for about 2 hours and then it was finally our turn to go and meet with the person. We had to ask to be able to change our visa status from tourist to religious visa. So that took about 15 minutes. Nothing more. So anyways, after that we headed over to eat lunch. We ate at Papa Johns in this sweet mall. When I walked in, I honestly had no clue that things so cool existed in Peru. It actually made me feel like I would be okay living here in this country. And the pizza was so good. And we didn't have to pay for anything! Half a pizza for everyone!  And I ran into Elder P, who is one of the missionaries that is serving in Lima Central that was in my room at the CCM. Turns out that that is his assigned area! I also ran into Elder B and Elder F from Arequipa who were there for their visa as well. That was pretty cool. So at about 5 pm we were done with everything for the day so we headed over to the hotel. I honestly don't know why the church paid for us to stay there. I'm sure that there is some kind of other cheaper hotel in Lima. It was ridiculously cool though! And I had my own room! That was honestly super weird. First time of the entire mission being alone. I kept on turning around wondering where my companion was! I ended up spending most of the evening with Elder L, Elder C, and Elder S. Some of the funniest missionaries in the mission! Elder S is probably one of my best friends here in the mission. He's super funny! He finished high school when he was sixteen so that he could go and act in Hollywood. He has been in one episode of Victorious on Nickelodeon. McKay will probably think that's cool. But anyways, we played Uno, the card game for a few hours because there wasn't much else to do! Another crazy thing that happened that day was that I ran into Elder M from my district in the CCM! He was there from Cusco doing stuff for his visa as well! The next day went pretty normal. We got up early. I took my last hot shower for probably another 13 more months and then we headed over to Interpol. We were there pretty much the entire morning doing finger prints and stuff. Pretty cool. But actually it was super duper boring. After that it was time to drive over to airport to head back to Piura. We got there at about 1 pm but our flight was not supposed to leave until 3 pm. So we had a ton of time to eat McDonalds and stuff like that, that I probably won't get to do again until next year. That was pretty good. I bought some Dunkin Donuts too. That was something that I haven't been able to do in a long, long time. Donuts are so good. So basically, what I learned from Lima is just that I miss stuff from the United States because there is a little of it in Lima. But for real. I'm glad to be here in Piura. Piura is great! 
Getting onto the airplane in Piura
Me and Elder B in Lima
My own hotel room
Our hotel in Lima
At the airport ready to leave Lima
Me and Elder S waiting for our plane to leave Lima
Dunkin' Donuts I bought in Lima - they were so good!

Sorry but I don't have much more time. So I'll try to write this really fast. So this last week here in La UniĆ³n was a great week for Elder Ipanaque and me. Right now we have about 4 pretty good investigators that we are hoping to be able to invite to be baptized this week! 

A rice field here in La Union
Bienvenidos a La Union. Corazon del Bajo Piura.

The aunt of Elder I. And she is super receptive to the gospel. And she loves to read the Book of Mormon. And she loves to learn more. And she has accepted the invitation to be baptized. She just needs to attend church. That's her problem right now. So that's what we are going to work on this week! 

The spouse of a less active member. They're not married but they have plans to get married. But anyways, we´re working with the both of them! She used to be super Catholic, but she is super open to learning more about our faith! And when we taught her about the Book of Mormon this last week she told us, "I think it's a true book.  But I'm gonna read it just to make sure!!" That was super sweet! The spirit was definitely testifying in that lesson. And she said that when she receives a definite answer and can be married, she would like to be baptized!

J F. He is an 18 year old kid. His cousins are members. He has a cousin in the mission right now in Bolivia. He is a super sharp kid and has been doing a ton with the Youth here in this ward. His mom passed away a few years ago and so the plan of salvation is super cool for him. He's excited to learn more! The only problem with him is that he works in a factory Monday-Friday so we can only teach him on Saturday and Sunday. But he has Sundays off so that he can attend church! That's the best part!

M R S. Her kids were baptized a few months ago. And they are super strong. She has been attending church with them these last couple of weeks and she keeps talking about the changes that she has seen in her family! Hopefully she will accept the invitation this week to be baptized. It would be super cool if her 19 year old son that was baptized in March could baptize his mom! 

So anyways. Pray for them! 

Love you guys! I'm about out of time. Have a great week! 

The church is true! No doubts!

Elder Baker

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