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I'm sure I've eaten over 100 pounds of rice here on the mission. - 11/17/14

17 de Noviembre 2014

Hey guys! First off, today I have 16 months in the mission! That's super crazy! The sister missionaries that came in my group are down to just 8 weeks in the mission. This time is passing by way too fast. But this week was great! 

1. Piura again..... twice
2. C C has a baptismal date
3. Building a house in Nuevo Sullana
4. Visita de Trabajo with Elder G
5. Elder C and Elder D. Pollo a la Brasa
6. Conference in Piura with Elder David F. Evans
7. P-day at the Casa Club Sullana!

That's pretty much my entire week! Is there anything else that you would like to know??

1. Unfortunately we had to go to Piura 2 more times to go to the dermatologist for tests and stuff. They were going to give my companion a medicine to take, but they called Lima to ask the area doctor and he told us that he shouldn't take that as a missionary. So we had to go again, but everything is good now. They have everything just about figured out and, he's taking medicine and everything seems to be going great with that!

2. C C is an investigator that we are teaching. She is 24 years old and lives with members. She is super smart and has been investigating the church forever. So, this week we were able to go and visit her after she returned from Lima and we decided to talk about baptism because she really is ready to be baptized. She has been ready for a while but there was something that was holding her back. But anyway, we taught about the importance of baptism and guess what? She set her own baptismal date! She looks at us and says, "I think I'm ready to be baptized. I would like to be baptized on my birthday." So that was pretty exciting. We asked her when her birthday was and we were hoping that it was in this next month but she told us that it is in January—January 9th. So it's a little bit far away. But the good thing is that she finally wants to be baptized! So pray for her please!

3. Wednesday we had a service activity. We built a house in one day—jaja, for real. We had to dig a bunch of holes and put posts in the ground. And then we put the walls up. Walls were just palm tree leaves woven together. And then we put a little metal sheet roof on it. It took about 8 hours out in the sun, and so I was so burned that I could barely even move my neck the next day. But it was fun! And we were able to do it for a member that really needed some help. The people here are so humble. They really don't have much. But they know that that's not what's really important in our lives! I love the people here! Peruvians are the sweetest, nicest people ever! Especially the Piuranos. 
After building a house in Nuevo Sullana

4. This week I had a visita de trabajo with Elder G who is a convert from Bolivia. He is a super great elder. He is one of the most kind and loving elders that I have ever met, but not overbearing at all. He has seen a huge change in his life from when he was still not baptized. I love his example to me. The gospel really does change us! He is a great kid! 

5. Friday night Elder C and Elder D had to come and stay in our apartment because Saturday morning we had to leave Sullana super early to head to Piura for the conference and Elder C and Elder D live in a super small town like 45 minutes from Sullana. That was pretty fun! That night we went out and ate Pollo a la Brasa. Pollo a la Brasa is my favorite food here. The only problem is that it's kind of expensive. Well, here it's expensive—it’s really not that expensive if you think about how much food costs in the United States. It's like roasted chicken and french fries. The thing that I like about it most is that there is no rice. I'm so sick of eating rice. I'm sure I've eaten over 100 pounds of rice here on the mission. Every day it's a giant plate of rice with some type of meat and sometimes some beans or something. Plates on plates of rice!

 6. Saturday we had a conference in Piura for the entire mission! It was so cool seeing the entire mission gathered together. That was the first time in pretty much forever that I have seen everyone together! And it's because Elder David F. Evans came and visited our mission! He gave a prayer in General Conference. Don't know if y'all remember or not. But anyway, he is a super great speaker! He only knows English and Japanese though so there was someone translating. He spoke about a ton of sweet things. One of the things that I liked most was when he talked about how beautiful Piura is to us, which is so true. This desert may be one of the ugliest places to lots of people. But to me, it's beautiful. There is nowhere else that I would rather be on my mission!

7. Today was a pretty sweet P-day. We went to this super pretty park for a while and talked with a bunch of missionaries. And then we went and ate at a restaurant called La Rustica, which is a super sweet restaurant, and we ate pizza. That was so good. Sometimes it's just nice to not eat rice. 

But yeah, it was a pretty great week! I'm excited for this next week! The mission is great! Every week here is amazing. I learn new things every day! The mission really is changing me! I will never regret this choice that I made to come here! Love you guys a ton! 

Elder Baker

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