Friday, January 23, 2015

Today I got transferred. I'm now in Tumbes, Peru! - 1/12/15

12 de Enero 2015!

Hey guys! How are you doing??? This week has gone by super fast! I can hardly believe that it's already over! Tons has happened! And I might not have much time to write today because today is transfers and , which is the northeast part of Peru. I'm like 10 minutes from Ecuador. Pretty cool, no?? Except, they say that it's the hottest part of Peru. And there are lots of mosquitos. Pray for me! Because I don't wanna die! jaja. It's super cool though! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it! My companion is Elder D. He is from Huaraz, Peru. We are both the zone leaders here in Tumbes. Well actually there are 2 zones here. And we are the zone leaders of the Tumbes zone! I'm super nervous, but excited. It should be great!
Me and my new companion!
This last week passed by so quickly! I can hardly believe how fast my 4 and one half months passed by in Sullana. I'm kind of sad to leave Sullana behind. It really was a sweet area! I'm going to miss the members there a ton!

Unfortunately, R R didn't end up getting baptized this last week. There were a few complications in his family and he wasn't there for almost the whole week but he came back on Saturday and attended church on Sunday and so he is planning on being baptized this next Saturday, the 17th. I'm super excited for him! But the good news is that I was able to baptize someone! That was pretty cool! The hermanas in our ward had an investigator that got baptized this last week! And she asked me to do the ordinance of the baptism for her! So that was kind of cool! I love seeing baptisms. I'm so grateful to be a missionary! 

It was kind of sad saying goodbye to everyone in my area. Saturday night they called us with the news of transfers. I wasn't expecting to be zone leader. It was kind of a surprise. And it was also surprising to come to Tumbes. Tumbes is super far away from Piura. Like 6 hours. It's the farthest area from Piura in the mission. I'm pretty excited about being here though! Today the bus ride was super sweet! For like 2 straight hours it's just driving along the coastline looking at the beautiful beaches. My mission may not be super pretty but it does have some of the most famous beaches in all of South America! I'm so excited for this next p-day to go to the beach again!! It's been since like the end of April since I've been. I've been missing p-days on the beach!

Sorry the letter is going to be super short today. There is not much time! But I'm super happy! Next week I'll write a longer letter, I promise! Thanks for all the love and support! Love you guys tons!

Elder Baker

T's baptism last week was such a blessing! I'm so happy for him! It was kind of sad saying goodbye to him. 
Saying goodbye to T in Sullana!
There is a Dominoes Pizza here in Tumbes! And it only costs like 15 soles which is like 5 bucks! I’m so happy! Today I ate pizza for lunch! BEING IN TUMBES IS THE BEST!

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