Friday, January 23, 2015 the gospel principles... it's the key to happiness! - 1/19/15

19 de Enero, 2015

Well hello there everyone! I honestly don't even know where to begin this week.
Well, Tumbes is pretty sweet! I like it a lot! My companion is Elder D. He is super sweet. He was baptized about 3 years ago. And he's got a super strong testimony! So it's been fun working with him! Our apartment is super sweet! I love it! Mainly because it's clean and because it's like 5 times as big as my old apartment in Sullana. And we have a shower that works. So that means that I don't have to shower with a pitcher of water! :) 
P-day in Tumbes! - The border between Peru and Ecuador!
(we can't cross over into Ecuador)

The ward is pretty great. The only problem is that there have been lots of problems in the past. But I really think that things are starting to finally look up for this ward! There is no bishop. So that's one of the major difficulties. But the stake president says that within 3 weeks there is going to be a new bishop. I'm super excited about that. Because I know it's going to help the ward a ton! They just released the old ward mission leader. And they just called a new one that is excited to get to work! And they also changed the elders quorum president this last week. And the new one is super humble and super nervous. But he's super excited as well! I'm super excited for this ward! 
So, there are members here that have a gym. It's honestly the nicest gym that I have seen in my entire time here in Peru. And they let us use it for free! So that means that my companion and I get up every morning to go to the gym at 5:45. It's kind of rough getting up so early. But you gotta do what you gotta do! It's doing me a lot of good though. Because I've gotten so out of shape in the last year and a half. I probably couldn't run a 5K right now. But very soon I will be ready again! Friday was pretty cool because we were on the bikes in the gym, and there was a little temblor. A mini earthquake. Not quite as big as the one last year when I was in Paita. But it was kind of big! It was pretty cool! 
So happy news is that we have an investigator this week that is going to be getting baptized! His name is J C. He is like 45 years old and his wife is a less active member. Well actually was a less active member because she has now started coming to church again and now her husband wants to be baptized! He is super ready. He has left behind alcohol and his bad friends and has had a huge change in his life. A month ago, they were talking about getting a divorce. But now they are a super strong couple! And it's because they are living the gospel principles in their lives! It's the key to happiness! Live what you believe! 
Being a zone leader is different! My companion is teaching me a ton though! It's honestly super sweet being with another companion that has lots of time in the mission because both are experienced. It's so much different than being a new missionary in the mission! There are 18 missionaries in the zone. It's kind of small. 3 districts. Here in the ward it is Elder D and I and 2 sister missionaries, Sister O and Sister R. One sweet thing about my district is that Elder R, the missionary that I trained is in it! So that means that I will probably get to have some exchanges with him! I'm so happy for that! 
But anyway! I'm happy! I love being a missionary! Thanks for all of the love and support! I hope all you guys have a great week!

Elder Baker 

Note: Our apartment’s got like 3 rooms. It’s super sweet! It is about 10 minutes away from the beach…not too far! We actually eat in our apartment for lunch because there is a member that brings us our food. But next month we are going to have a real pensionista! 

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