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One thing I love about Tumbes is that it rains! - 1/26/15

26 de Enero 2015!

Hey guys! How are y'all doing! 

Well first off! This week, just like all the other ones, has flown by super duper duper fast! I swear the time passes by way too fast. I have no clue where it is all going! 

Tumbes is great! I really am loving it here! And I'm loving it even more now that I'm feeling better. Pretty much all of last week I was feeling pretty sick. Stomach aches and I was feeling super weak. But I talked to Hermana Rowley this last week and she got me started on some medicine and now I'm feeling super! It's so nice feeling well again after feeling bad for so long! Being sick is the worst! 

P-day in Puerto Pizarro

One thing I love about Tumbes is that it rains! In Piura it rains maybe 2 times a year if you are lucky. But here in Tumbes we are in the rainy season. And that means that it rains 2 times a week! One day this week it started raining and I came back to the apartment completely soaked! First time on the mission! So that was pretty cool. The only bad part is that the door to get into the apartment can be kind of hard to open sometimes with the key. And the rain gutter had a hole in it and so where you had to stand to open the door was like standing in the shower. So I handed all my books to my companion and I had to brave the shower to open the door. jaja. That was kind of cool! 

Being a zone leader can be tiring. But it's alright. Sometimes I feel like we have a million things to do and only time to do half of them. Don't worry though, I get back to the apartment so tired at night that I have absolutely no trouble sleeping!

This ward here in Tumbes is super sweet. The members are great! The only thing that we still need is a Bishop. But the stake president said that in this week or the next week we should have a Bishop. We are praying for that. Because if this ward has a bishop, we are going to do great things here! We have a new Ward Mission Leader! His name is M M. He is actually the guy that owns the gym we go to. He is like 50 years old but he is super sweet! He is from Lima, but lives here in Tumbes. Before coming here he lived in Italy for about 8 years. So he speaks Spanish and Italian fluently. He actually has a daughter that married a gringo and his daughter and 3 grandchildren actually live in Bountiful now. So he has been to Utah many times! And the best part is that he is super super excited for his new calling and is super willing to help us out! This ward really is great! 

We had a sweet ward activity this last week! It was called Noche de Kilo. Which means that everyone in the ward brings 1 kilogram of any kind of food. And then they gather all the food together and give it to a less active family in the ward! And we also played tons of games that night with all of the members. We actually had a pretty good turnout of 75 people! Which is super great considering that on Sundays only 120 people attend church. But we are going to be working tons with this ward so that number will be going up pretty soon!

Our investigator, J C, is doing great! He wasn't able to get baptized this last week because of some problems, but it's planned for this week! He was a little bit bummed out for not being able to be baptized Saturday but he realizes that everything happens for a reason. And he is still determined to make the decision to be baptized! His wife, A A was a less active member, but we have now been teaching her for a few weeks and she is now a "miembro rescatado"! So we are super happy about that! Now all we need to do is help her husband to be baptized!! Keep praying for J C so that everything will work out great for his baptism this week! 

Saturday was my companion's birthday! He turned 24 years old! He really is a great companion. One of my best companions for sure! He was baptized when he was 21 years old. Six months after that his father passed away. And as soon as he had been a member for a year he left on the mission! And he is a super great missionary! He has one sister that is a member but his other 2 brothers and his mom still aren't members. Today, though, his little brother wrote him, and he said that he has been listening to the missionaries and he has decided to be baptized and that he wants to be another Elder D! I'm super happy for my companion! I'm grateful to be able to work with him this transfer! 
Celebrating my companion and Hermana A A's birthdays
I'm pretty excited for this next week! A little bit stressed out for everything, but I'm sure that it will all go well! President and the assistants are coming. So I will be going on splits with one of them on Thursday! And, we have interviews and zone conferences, hopefully a baptism, and lots of other stuff! I'm sure that this week is going to be great! 

Love you guys a ton! Thanks for everything! 

Elder Baker

P.S. You have no idea how nice it is having a shower that works! 

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