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...there is something different about Piura. It's like being home! - 2/9/15

9 de Febrero 2015!

Hey guys, how are all of you!?!? I hope you're all doing well! I'm doing well here in Tumbes! This last week went by so fast! But it was fun!

One of the reasons that it went so fast was because this last week we had to travel to Piura! So, the first week of every month we have a leadership council in Piura for all of the zone leaders and for the sister training leaders. So that was on Wednesday. But here in Tumbes we are about 6 hours from Piura by bus. So anyway, Tuesday afternoon at 3 we had to travel to Piura. It was actually pretty fun though! It was my companion and me, Elder M and Elder R, and Hermana O and Hermana R. We ended up traveling in Oltursa. Normally we travel in El Dorado which is a lot cheaper. But Oltursa is like the nicest bus company in Peru and it only cost like 12 soles more which is like 4 dollars. And they have nice comfy seats that you can lean back, and they come around and serve you dinner and drinks like in an airplane. And there is air conditioning! It was honestly so nice! You didn't even feel at all the travel. It was a 6 hour bus ride but it went by so fast! 

It felt so nice to be back in Piura! I honestly love Piura! Being in Tumbes is great. I love the experiences that I'm having here, but there is something different about Piura. It's like being home! We got to Piura at about 8:30pm and we headed over to the mission home to help President Rowley get everything set up for the training the next morning. And while we were there Hermana Rowley gave us Apple Pie. That was pretty sweet! After that we headed over to the mission office which is like 4 blocks from the mission home where we stayed the night. We ended up ordering pizza. It didn't get there until like 11 though. It was the slowest delivery ever! But it was pretty tasty! 

Wednesday we had to be in the mission home at 9 in the morning. It was super fun! I love those training meetings where you get to see tons of people that you haven't seen in forever! And I also love every opportunity that we get to hear from President Rowley! He taught us a ton. He talked to us about the importance of being leaders. He talked to us about the importance of our examples. And we also talked a lot about commitments and how we can help our investigators to keep their commitments. It was a super great meeting! I enjoyed it a lot! It ended at 3 and we had to go over to the office to pick up some things to bring back to Tumbes. Our bus left Piura at 5:30 to come back to Tumbes. The only problem was that it was in El Dorado and not in Oltursa because in the afternoon in Piura there are no Oltursa buses to Tumbes. So we had to travel back to Tumbes in a super uncomfortable bus with lots of noise and lots of sweat because it was super hot. But by 11 we finally got back to Tumbes. I was so happy to step off that bus! It was a great experience, except for that it wasn't....

Things are going great here in the ward! Wanna know why? Because we have a Bishop! And a Bishopric! And they reorganized lots of the presidencies in the ward! I'm super happy about that! The ward finally has the direction that it needs! And all the members are excited to get to work! So I'm super duper happy about that! That is what I had been praying for! 

My companion and I really didn't have any investigators that were progressing after JC's baptism. So last Sunday we decided to fast to be able to find new people to teach! And wanna know what?!?!?! We have some super great new investigators now! 

The first one is Junior C. He is JC's son who is 21 years old. He works with his dad, but he really wasn't that interested in listening to us. But over the last couple of weeks we have been trying to gain his confidence and this week we were able to sit down and teach him for the first time! And we had a super sweet lesson with him where he opened up and shared some things about his life and we were able to help him feel comfortable that there really are answers and solutions to the problems in our lives! Sunday he came to church for all 3 hours with his dad! And he met tons of the young men and YSA in the ward! So we are going to continue teaching him! I'm super excited! 

And my companion and I this last week were able to find a family to teach! This family is super sweet! It is a young couple that has a 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter! We actually talked to the father of the family a couple of weeks ago in the street, but we weren't able to find him in his house. But this week an appointment that we had fell through and we decided to pass by his house again. He and his wife were preparing some food that they were going to go and sell but they invited us into their kitchen and we talked to them for about 30 minutes and explained a little bit about us and we scheduled an appointment to go back and visit them on Sunday night! So last night we went back and they were there waiting for us! And we were able to share part of the first lesson with them and they were super receptive! I'm so happy! Our prayers are being answered! 

I really am so grateful to be here on the mission! It's not easy, but it is so worth it! Thanks for all the love and support you guys give me! 

Elder Baker 

P.S. - Yes, I did get the birthday package that you sent me! Thanks so much! My companion and I opened it and ate all the candy. I know I probably should have waited until my birthday but I just couldn't wait! It was great! Thanks so much!

My pensionista is sweet! This last week she cooked us tacos. They were so good. The thing I love most is that she serves us little to no rice! ;) So don't worry about me too much! I'm happy! :)

Sorry no pics this week. I didn't take any pictures. Next week for sure though! Love you all!

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