Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh. And I was transferred to heaven... - 11/18/13

Welcome to Paita!
Azumacho. I don’t even know where to start. I honestly can´t remember all that has happened in the past week.....

This past week went really well. Final week of my training. There is a 12 week training planning program that missionaries have and now I am officially done with it. I can't believe that 12 weeks have already flown by. Seems like just yesterday when I was arriving in Piura.

This past week went really well for Elder C and me. We were able to find more than double the amount of new investigators this week as we were able to last week. I think it is because we were just talking to lots of people. And we spent a lot of time out working. I think it's important to use every minute possible to work. Time is a precious thing out here on the mission. And I'm determined to make the most of the little that I have.

Hermana S in the ward told us that her brother comes to her house on the weekends and would like to meet with the missionaries to learn more. We ended up having a great first lesson with him and he committed to being baptized! Preach my Gospel says that you can ask someone to be baptized in the first lesson, but I had no clue that it would actually work. He is the first person to say yes during the first lesson. It was a super cool experience. Preach my Gospel is legit. No doubt that the stuff in there can and should be used in the mission. If you follow what Preach My Gospel says, you're going to have success...

 This week we got a call from the zone leaders saying that we had a letter from president in our emails and we needed to read it that day because it had some "significant changes" in it. Turns out that the entire way we have transfers has been changed. Transfers will now be on Mondays instead of Tuesdays and we will get a call from the zone leaders Saturday night before transfers with all of the information (where you're going, when you're going, who is your companion, and what is your assignment). Pretty crazy change for us here in the mission. Elder C had been in Lopez Albujar longer than me so it made us anxious for Saturday night to find out what was going to happen.

The whole weekend was super out of the ordinary for us. Friday, Elder C was sick with a headache, diarrhea, and who knows what else. He spent pretty much all day in the bathroom and I spent pretty much all day reading, watching The District, reading, and eating and reading. Elder C had to call Lima again from the mission office even though he was sick so that afternoon we went over to the office and I had one of the best days ever. I got 4 letters. Letters make missionaries happy. Especially when you get more than one. I got the one from dad about the Red Sox. That was rude. You don't have to rub it in. But I definitely enjoyed it as well. I got the one with the November Ensign in it. That was super nice. No clue when we are going to get the one from the mission in Spanish. Everyone was jealous that I already have it to read! I got one from Brother Hales in the ward, and I got the letter with the USB of Christmas music. And boy was that nice. I can't tell if I'm excited for Christmas. I really, really, really, really, love Christmas. But it's not going to be the same here in Peru. I'm determined that I'm going to enjoy it though. No doubt. After that we went back to the apartment because Elder C still felt horrible.
Letters make missionaries happy!
Saturday was fun. Since President wants every companionship to have their own apartment, we changed apartments on Saturday morning with the zone leaders which was pretty fun. Super hot and sweaty though. We got to move everything by hand. Lots of exercise that day. I was so glad once we got everything moved and set up. The new room is smaller than the other one but it is super nice. And the bathroom is perfecto! Since Elder C has had more time in Lopez than me, we figured that he would be getting transferred and I would be getting a new companion in Lopez. So I ended up unpacking all of my suitcases in our new room and Elder C left all his stuff in his suitcase so he wouldn't have to pack again the following day.

All packed up and ready to change rooms.

Changing rooms with the zone leaders.
Saturday night came and it was time to hear from the zone leaders. At 10:00 they finally called and told us that I was being transferred to Paita and that Elder C was staying in the area. No joke. I couldn't believe it. I was super duper duper happy, but at the same time I was sad knowing that I have to say goodbye to Lopez Albujar. I really have enjoyed the time that I have had in Lopez Albujar. Sunday was honestly kind of sad saying goodbye to everyone in the ward. Sunday evening I had to pack my suitcases again for the second time in two days which was super fun.... NOT!
I'm going to Paita!

Last photo with Elder C (my trainer) before leaving Piura.
This morning Elder C and I had to be to the stake center at 9:00 and then I met up with two other Elders who I would be traveling to Paita with. We went to the bus station, paid 4 soles and got on the bus to Paita. Paita is a fishing town on the ocean 45 minutes from Piura. Super beautiful too. There are two parts of Paita, upper Paita and lower Paita. You first drive through upper Paita which is the desert and then you drop down this giant hill to lower Paita and you can see the ocean and it is beautiful. All the missionaries in our zone are in upper Paita except for my area. We have all of lower Paita. And honestly, this city is beautiful. Our companions were waiting for us at the bus station. My companion is Elder C. Super cool kid. He is from the jungle of Peru. I look giant next to him. I can already tell that this is going to be a super fun transfer for me. He is super obedient, but he loves to joke around and laugh. Something that I am going to love! I'm so grateful that Elder C and I have the lower part of Paita. We get to wake up every morning and look out at the beautiful ocean. I'm so excited to get to know this area and to work hard here in Paita!

Me and my new companion in Paita.

View of the ocean from my room! It's so beautiful here!

I'm so grateful to be a missionary here in PERU! I'm excited to get to know the people here in Paita and to share the gospel with them. I know the church is true. No doubt have I. I'm so grateful to be a missionary!

Love you guys! Thanks for all the love and support!

Elder Baker

Here in Paita it is still hot. But it's okay though, because we get to look at the ocean. I can see the ocean from my bed. And the people say that here there aren't many mosquitos. Which is one thing I am so happy about. Mosquitos son del diablo. Thank goodness the missionaries are safe in the Philippines. The Lord definitely is watching over His missionaries...

Lauren, I'm already in my second area. I said that I didn't want to get transferred before Christmas too, but it didn't work for me. I'm okay with it. I'm in paradise. I can see the ocean from my bed! I love being a missionary. Missions are the best things ever. And I get to go hear from an apostle this week in Chiclayo! Super cool! Church is true. Tell it. So grateful to be serving at the same time as you! Have a great week!

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