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I was transferred today!... I will never be the same person ever again because of the time I had in Paita. - 05/05/14

5 de Mayo 2014

Well this last week has gone by super duper fast. And so much has happened, I can't even remember what happened at the beginning of this last week. So sorry. Good thing I wrote in my journal though. So I will be able to go out and read it.
First off, I was transferred today. So today has been a pretty crazy p-day. Pretty out of the normal. My head's spinning.

But this last week was pretty good. It was my last week with Elder R in Puerto Paita. Honestly, my 24 weeks in Paita were filled with so many things. Good times, hard times, boring times. But I'm grateful for everything that I was able to experience and for everything I was able to learn. Thinking about Wicked. "I have been changed for the better." But for real. I will never be the same person ever again because of the time I had in Paita.

So this last week we found out that they are going to be dividing the area in half and putting 2 sister missionaries in Puerto Paita. So that meant that we had to spend a long time this last week getting everything ready for them. We had to find a new apartment, find a pensionista to cook lunch for them, find someone that can wash their clothes, get another area book ready with all the maps and all of the investigators and people in the right books. And honestly that took a while. It made the time go pretty fast though. Not much really sticks out about this last week. Nothing super crazy happened. But overall it was a super good week. Even though we had to spend a lot of time getting the new area ready, we were still able to work hard and we were able to teach a lot of really cool lessons!

The last week of the transfer, everyone is looking forward to Saturday night at 8:30 when the zone leaders call and tell you all the information about transfers. And this week, Saturday sneaked up before I could turn around twice. I was kind of expecting to be transferred. Because I had 4 transfers in Puerto Paita and I don't know anyone in the mission that has had more than 4 transfers in one area. So I was kind of expecting to be transferred. But anyway, on Saturday night, the zone leaders called at about 8:45 and told us the details about transfers.

Elder D told me that I was being transferred to La Unión and that I am going to be District Leader. And that my companion is Elder I. He then told us that Elder R was staying in Puerto Paita and that his new companion is going to be Elder C. Pretty cool, no?  My trainer is going to be Elder R's new companion! 

So that meant that Sunday was my last day in Paita. Luckily it was Fast and Testimony meeting so I was able to bear my testimony in church and thank all the members of the ward. And then in the afternoon we went and said goodbye to a few of the people in the ward. I'm gonna miss some of these people. There are some amazing members in Puerto Paita. And I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to get to know them. 

At about 6:00 we went over to the house of Mariano and Mercedes to say goodbye to them. That was probably the hardest goodbye of the mission. That family has been a huge blessing in my life. They've almost been my family away from my real family during my time in Paita. They had written me a letter and gave me a hat. When it was time to say goodbye, we took a few pictures and then we said goodbye. The whole family had tears in their eyes. That was super cool but super sad. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know them. And I hope that I have helped them in their lives! 

After that we went to Hermana C's to say goodbye. She is the best pensionista in the entire world. I'm so grateful to have been able to get to know her and her family. She served us dinner and had a cake for us. She is the funniest, nicest, most caring lady that I have ever met. And as we were saying goodbye, she started to cry too! What's up with that??  I love these people though! They may be from a different country and speak a different language, but they're like my family!

Sunday night I was up packing my suitcases until about 1:30 in the morning. I probably should have done it a little bit earlier, but I didn't want to. Procrastination! Actually, I really didn't have much time before. 

So this morning I woke up at 5:30 and hurried and showered and packed up the last few things, went up to the roof of the building to take one last look at the sunrise and the beautiful ocean, and then we headed off to the  bus station to travel to Piura. I had to say goodbye to Elder R. I’m grateful to have been able to be a trainer and to have been able to meet him. I learned a ton during those 3 months! And I know that he's going to be a great missionary!

I got to Piura at about 8:30 am and we went over to the stake center where Elder I was waiting for me. Elder I is a super super sweet kid! He's from Lima. And he has 6 months in the mission! From there we headed off to our area. So about our area. It's the second most south area in the mission. It's in a part that is called "Bajo Piura." It's part of the Castilla zone which is in Piura, but really it's about 1 hour south of Piura. And there are no grocery stores or anything. So that means we have to buy our food in Piura and travel an hour to our area. It seems like a really cool area though. 

And something super cool. Elder I was born in La Unión. But when he was 4 he moved to Lima. But about 6 weeks ago, President Rowley found out that he was born here. And the night before transfers 6 weeks ago, President called him and asked if he had family here, which he does. His grandparents, and uncles and aunts and cousins all live here. And he told him that he did. The next day he was transferred to La Unión. Pretty cool, no? Almost every single day he runs into his family. His cousin is the only member here though. And he is the ward mission leader. And so right now we are teaching all of his family members! Sweet! Don´t worry though. He's not trunky though. He loves to work hard. So I'm super excited for this next transfer!

Well I'm excited for this next transfer. It is going to be interesting being District Leader. I'm not quite sure what to do, but I'm sure that it will be fine. Everything will work out great! 

I love you all! This Church is true! 

Elder Baker

Lauren, Sounds like Tasmania is pretty sweet! I still have trouble believing that you are actually in Tasmania. That's super sweet though! Do you think that that will be your last area of the mission or will you be having another? I guess it's really up to the Lord though. Wherever he needs you. And you guessed it. This week I start as District Leader. Super nervous. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm sure I'll figure it out though! Love you tons! Keep working hard! 

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