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La Unión is pretty sweet. - 5/12/14

12 de Mayo 2014

Well. Another week has passed by. And another call home. It was so much fun to talk to you guys yesterday!  I can't wait for Christmas! jaja. Actually I can. I have to. And I might as well enjoy the time up until then. 

This week was my first week here in La Unión. And believe it or not, I actually love it here. There are definitely some things that I miss about Paita, but I was ready  for a change. And La Unión is pretty sweet. It's actually pretty pretty. Because here people have their chacras [farms] where they grow all different kinds of fruit and rice. And all of their fields are lined with palm trees that are super, super, super tall. It's actually super pretty. The one thing that is a giant problem here that wasn't a problem in Paita is Mosquitos. And it's a big problem here. I would probably die here without mosquito repellent. The reason that there are tons of them here is the rice fields—because to grow rice, you have to flood the field with water. And it always has to be wet. Which is exactly what the mosquitos love. So there are lots here. Luckily there aren't any in our apartment so that I can still sleep peacefully!

This last week tons of things happened. Tuesday we had our first District Meeting. That was pretty scary going to district meeting and having to direct that meeting. It wasn't that bad though. Our district is actually super cool. Since we are pretty far away from almost the entire rest of our zone, it is just the four of us here in La Unión. Turns out that I'm the youngest person in the district. They're all viejitos. jajajaja  jk. Elder Ipanaque is 19 like me. He turns 20 this next month though! Our district is Elder C, who is from Virginia and is 6 foot 5 and giant and his little companion that looks like an elf next to him, Elder Z, from El Salvador. And then Elder I who is my comp. I actually love working with him. He's a super great teacher. One thing I love about teaching with him is that he always asks super great questions that make the people think and really grasp what we are trying to teach them.

I really actually like working here in this ward. It was made a ward in the last year. So it's not super big yet, but it's progressing. And the leaders here are super cool. The bishop is super duper cool. And he has a suit that he wears to church that is super classy. He's super young though. I'm not sure how old he is, but he got back from his mission in 2007. So he's pretty young.

Our pensionista is Mercedes. But the nickname for Mercedes is Meche. And if you say Mercedes, everyone is going to look at you like you are crazy. She cooks pretty good food though. And she serves us a ton of rice. Rice kills me. The people here eat so much rice every single day it's ridiculous! I can't even believe how much rice these people eat! After 24 months here, I'm never even going to want to see rice again in my entire life. One thing that she made this last week was super good. It was like chicken cordon blue. I know that's not how you spell it, but I don't know how to spell it. So sorry. It was super good though. Chicken with ham and cheese. ahhhhhhhh

So funny story for the week... I already told this to you guys skyping yesterday, but the others haven't heard it yet. 

So yesterday we went on divisions. Elder I and Elder Z went to call their families with actual phones, and then Elder C and I went so that we could skype our families. Elder C had to use a computer at an internet cafe though. And we asked for the computer for an hour and a half so that we could get everything set up and so that he could call his family. But after he had been talking to his family for a bit, he turns to me and asks me to go ask the guy at the front desk how much time he has left. The problem was that I had been talking a little bit with Elder C in English yesterday and my mind was thinking in English. So I walk up to the front desk and ask the guy in English "How much time is left on number 9?" and after I asked that he just stared at me like I was from a different planet. And about a second later it clicked to me that I'm here in Peru and that this guy doesn't understand a word of English. So then I ask again "Cuánto tiempo más por numero 9?" And he told me and I walked away laughing. I felt pretty stupid, but whatever.

Well anyways. It's been a pretty great week. I love all of you guys! Thanks for all of the love and support that you guys show to me! I'm so grateful to be a missionary. Being a missionary is the best! I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! 

Love, Elder Baker

Park in Piura
Super Hero day in the park in Piura!

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