Monday, July 14, 2014

A brand new missionary and two baptisms - 6/30/14

30 de Junio 2014

What a great week it has been! Because we had two baptisms this week! That was pretty sweet. I’ll tell you a little bit about them. No worries. But for real, this last week went by sooo fast!

So anyway. On Monday night we went and visited D and H. And we taught them a little bit more. They both have attended church like 15 times, so they really do understand a lot about what we teach. We were mainly just reviewing everything with them so that they could get baptized on Saturday. They really wanted to be baptized on Saturday. And we didn't see any reason that would stop them from being baptized then. So we pretty much visited them every single day of the week and reviewed pretty much everything with them to help them get ready for Saturday. But anyway,  I know that they really weren't hard baptisms, but it was super great for my new companion. Because now he's super duper excited for the mission and now we're ready to go out and find other people to be baptized! (p.s. I have no clue if it is baptised or baptized. Sorry.)

Tuesday turned out to be a great day. So just to let you guys know. Our toilet was absolutely nasty. Not because we don't clean it, because we do. And on the outside it was clean. So supposedly it was a white toilet. But inside was black. It was gross and you could scrub the inside of it all day long with a brush, and it didn't change at all. So I had pretty much just given up on it and figured that I was just going to have to live with a nasty toilet for the rest of my time here. But anyway, my companion decided to stop by a place that recharges batteries and ask for some battery acid. And once we got into the apartment, he poured it into the toilet and left it there for about 5 minutes. And then after about five minutes he went back and scrubbed it with the toilet cleaning brush and guess what!? It's super duper clean! It looks brand new! It's white! Honestly every time that I walk into the bathroom I just smile to myself because the toilet makes me happy! jaja It's pretty cool!

So Wednesday we had our zone meeting in Castilla with our whole zone. Turns out that it was the last one for Elder C. Pretty crazy thinking that my trainer now has less than a month in the mission! But the meeting ended up being super cool. We talked about the baptismal invitation. And then like always, we had practices. So we got to practice inviting people to be baptized. The first time we tried it, it went horrible. It was such a relief once it was over and we could put that behind us, and then we were able to do it again, except a lot better. Inviting people to be baptized is important. We really shouldn't be scared to do that, but sometimes we are. Not sure why. But we have to invite people to follow Jesus Christ. And they do that by being baptized! It was pretty great. 

So the rest of the week went super duper fast. It was pretty great. We were able to teach a lot of really great lessons! I really am learning tons with Elder S. This time is 100% different from the last time that I was a trainer. But it's great. We are starting to find new people to teach, we have a few people that are starting to progress, and everything seems to be looking up in La Union!

I don't have much more time, but I want to tell you guys about Saturday and the baptism. So anyways, Saturday there was no electricity in La Union. Because they were fixing something. Luckily they warned everyone about it first, so we were able to fill up the baptismal font Friday night before the power went out. The baptism started at 10:00 in the morning and it went perfect! There wasn't any electricity, but the sun was shining right through the window into the baptismal font and it looked sooo pretty. And seeing the people come up out of the water with the sun shining on them with the biggest smiles on their faces was the best. Being a missionary is great! I'm so grateful for all of the blessings that I have received so far on the mission. There is absolutely no other place that I would rather be! 

I have no doubt that this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that He lives. 

Love you guys!

Elder Baker

Have a great 4th this week! I'll be wearing red, white, and blue, that's for sure! Love you guys!

Lauren, reading your letter, I almost started to feel bad for you that you weren't able to use your car for a few days. But then I remembered that I have walked my entire mission. And now I'm not feeling too bad. Walking is good for you! And it's actually a pretty nice stress reliever!

And about the World Cup. I'm fully aware. The World Cup here is in full swing. When someone is playing, every single TV in the city is watching the game. In church, that is all anyone talks about. When someone scores a goal, you hear "GOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL" in every single house. It's actually pretty cool. These people are crazy! And I hope that the U.S. is able to beat Belgium tomorrow! Except here Belgium is called Belgica. Weird no??? Well anyways. Have a great week! Love you tons!

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