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A trainer is what really determines how the missionary is going to be throughout the mission. - 6/23/14

23 de Junio 2014
Well hello there family. This week has been one of the fastest of the mission. Kind of stressful. But it's good. 
So anyways. I got to spend Monday and Tuesday in La Legua with two other Elders who were also going to train, Elder R and Elder M, both from Lima. It was pretty fun. Those were actually two of the least stressful days of the mission. And we were able to teach some pretty good lessons together. It's kind of hard to teach in a threesome though. 

Tuesday morning all of the trainers had a meeting in the mission home with President Rowley. He talked with us for about 2 hours about the importance of a trainer in the mission of a new missionary. A trainer is what really determines how the missionary is going to be throughout the mission. If we are trunky, the new missionary is going to be trunky. If we are 95% obedient, the missionary is going to gain a testimony of being 95% obedient. And if we are exactly obedient, then the new missionary is going to have a testimony of exact obedience. That was pretty cool. President talked to us about the trust that he is putting in us. President Rowley knows how to motivate you. I am so blessed to have President Rowley as my mission president.

One of the coolest things of my mission also happened Tuesday night. So we were with Elder R in his area in La Legua, but that part belongs to the Piura Central Ward. And that night they had ward council at 7 pm in the stake center. Well supposedly it started at 7 pm but we are here in Peru and nothing starts on time. We showed up on time and were sitting in the hall waiting for the others to arrive. And so anyway, I was sitting there talking to Elder M and I look over at the door and guess who walks in the door..... A C! No joke! My first baptism on the mission! So I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug and started to talk to him for a while. Turns out that he is still active in the church and is actually leader of the Young Single Adults in his ward and in the stake! And the coolest part was that he told me that in 2 months he gets to start on his mission papers so that he can go on a mission! That honestly made me so happy! It was one of those experiences that makes you feel like you have actually done some good on your mission! A has actually been able to baptize 2 new converts in his ward! It was sooooo cool talking to him. It brought back so many memories! It made that probably the coolest part of the whole week! So that night I was super happy. After the Ward Council we went over to the polleria and bought pollo a la brasa to take back to the apartment and eat. That pretty much was a perfect day. Literally perfect. And I hit 11 months in the mission that day as well! CRAZY!
Reunited with my first baptism in the mission after more than seven months
My companions for Monday and Tuesday
Pollo a la Brasa to celebrate 11 months as a missionary--
but mainly it was just because we were hungry and wanted chicken
So Wednesday morning we had to get up early and head over to the mission home to meet up with our new missionaries that were arriving from the CCM in Lima. We ate breakfast together and then went into the living room of the mission home to receive our new companions and have a little training for the new missionaries. My companion is named Elder S. He is from Santa Elena, Ecuador. He is actually a super cool kid. He is 19 years old and has been a member his whole life. And the best part is that he is super excited to be a missionary. He is excited to study, excited to leave, excited to talk to people, excited to get rejected! He's super excited for everything! That's one of the things that I love most about working with new missionaries. It's horrible when you have a companion that doesn't want to do anything. Doesn't want to talk to anyone. Only wants to teach lessons to the people that are already in the area book. It's so much better when you have a companion that is actually here to do what missionaries are supposed to do! The rest of the week was an absolute blur. I honestly can't remember much of what happened. It is a little bit slow working with a new missionary because you have to teach them about everything, but after the first week, they get the hang of the mission and from there on out it's working hard all day every day. 
Me and my new companion, Elder S and President & Sister Rowley
So we have two baptisms in the planning. So there is this family in the ward that used to be less active but they are now back in the church and have been attending weekly for months. But just recently we found out that they have a 9 year old son who hasn't been baptized that wants to be baptized. And they also have a niece that is living with them that is 12 years old and loves going to church and associating with the young women and she wants to be baptized too! So tonight we are having a family home evening with them and then they will be getting baptized pretty soon. We are still not quite sure of the date though. Pretty soon though. Their names are H (9) and D (12). And we have some other people progressing. And we are starting to find some new investigators. Things are looking up here in La Union! I'm super excited for these next 2 transfers!

So one downside this week was Sunday morning. Sunday morning I woke up at like 4 in the morning because I had to pee sooooooooo badly. But anyways, as I was walking over to the bathroom my companion sits up on his bed and says, "Elder Baker, do you have anything to take for stomach pain?" (except he said it in Spanish, because he doesn't know English, jajaja). But the only thing I had was Pepto Bismol. So he took that and I went back to sleep. But about 15 minutes later, I woke up hearing my companion run over to the bathroom and throw up. That was pretty gross. And the worst thing about it was that he had to throw up every 15 minutes. From about 4:30 until about 7:00 in the morning. He was sick as a dog. I honestly felt so bad for him. His first Sunday in the mission too. So unfortunately we weren't able to go to church today. Because my  companion was a little bit under the weather. Luckily by that night though he was feeling super better. And today he seems to be just fine again. So that's good. But anyways. That was pretty crappy.

But other than that, this last week has been amazing. And I'm sure that this next week is going to be the exact same way! 

Love all of you guys! Thanks for all of the love and support!

Elder Baker 

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