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We don't invite the people to go unto Christ, but to come unto Him. - 7/7/14

7 de Julio 2014

Pretty crazy isn't it? It really doesn't seem like it's already July 7th. I don't know where all this time is going! Are you guys ready to hear about my week? Well I don't really care if you are or not. Because I'm gonna tell you about it anyway.

Well this week has been a pretty great week here in Peru. Let’s just start off with the World Cup. South America is nothing like North America. Soccer here is life. And there is absolutely nothing more important than the World Cup. And you sure see that in the streets every day while people are playing. And the thing is, is that Peru isn't even in this World Cup. They haven't qualified since 1982. I honestly have no clue what it would be like being in Brasil or Argentina right now. And everyone here is hoping that the finals will be Argentina and Brasil. It's all the people talk about. In Elders quorum the people try to make analogies between futbol and the gospel. It's actually pretty funny. I'm honestly kind of excited for it to be over. It's kind of hard right now. But luckily this week there will only be games on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the finals on Sunday. And then after that we will be free from all that and will be able to teach people like normal!

But about the missionary work. Probably the coolest thing about this last week is that we have an investigator with a baptismal date! It's sister E N. But anyways. So last week she came to church! It was her first time attending for sacrament meeting and she liked it a lot! So that was pretty great! And I had kind of been frustrated the week before because we had about 3 appointments fall through and I thought that she was just losing interest and wasn't going to progress much. But Sunday she came up to us and said, "When can you guys come and visit me this week?" When she said that I just smiled. It was literally an answer to our prayers. So we scheduled another appointment with her. So on Thursday we were finally able to go and visit her! And we decided to teach the plan of salvation. I don't know what was different in that lesson than in the others that we had had with her, but it was one of the coolest lessons of my mission! One of the ones where the spirit is there for sure! She is a teacher in a school and so she is actually educated and can read and understand what she is reading. Which is actually quite different. Because La Union is a farming town. And it's amazing how many people work in the fields and have never had an education and have no clue how to read. But anyway, Hermana E N is super smart! And she understood what we had been teaching her. It was probably the best lesson that Elder S and I have had together. And then at the end of the lesson, her daughter, who is a member, bore her testimony about the plan of salvation and how she knew that by it, families can be forever! The spirit was super strong! So of course we took advantage of that moment and invited her to be baptized on August 2nd. And she accepted! I'm super excited for her! She is so prepared for the gospel in her life!

That was a pretty sweet lesson. Super different than the one that we had had right before that. We taught about the restoration to a crazy guy who kept on telling us how his prophet was a guy that had no limbs but teaches about God on TV. And says that it's hard for him to believe that God has called a different prophet. jaja. That was a pretty interesting lesson. But like always, we just invited him to pray about what we really had taught him to ask if it was true. Maybe he's not quite ready right now, but maybe a while down the road!

Another great thing about this last week was that we had a multi-zone conference in Piura. And I was able to see Elder C, my trainer, and Elder R, the first missionary that I trained. So we took a picture with all of us together. In the mission they call them "Family Pictures" jaja. But I really don't like that term. I don't like it when people call their trainer their dad. Because he's not your dad. He's your trainer! But whatever.
With my trainer and my two trainees
The conference was super great. I love conferences with President Rowley. He's the best. And he teaches you a ton! The theme of the conference was about our purpose as a missionary. We talked about the authority and power of our calling. We really are representatives of Jesus Christ here in this part of the world. And we should always leave and teach with that same power and authority! 

This last week I was thinking about our purpose as missionaries. Preach my Gospel says that our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. I was thinking a lot about the word come.  That means that we are already with Him. That made me think a lot. Am I really with Him, or are there things that I could do to come closer unto Him. I came to the conclusion that yes, we are with Him. When we were baptized, we made the commitment to be witnesses of Christ. But I think that there are things that all of us can do to come even closer unto Him. So that is the goal that I have. To do the things that I can do, be little or big things, to come closer unto Christ. I'm pretty excited for personal study this next week. I think I'm going to be able to learn a lot! :)

So for p-day today my companion and I decided to completely rearrange our room. We put our beds together to make bunk beds and rearranged everything, cleaned the windows, mopped the floor, cleaned out the fridge, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I really think that it is easier to feel the spirit in a clean place than it is in a dirty place! I'm kind of tired though. I'm pretty excited for 10:30 tonight! I think after the mission I may just decide to sleep for a month. Here on the mission, you're always tired and hungry. Those are two things that you just have to learn to live with! 

Well anyways, I don't have much more time! Love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Baker!

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