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Are we the kind of people that marvel and celebrate having a baptism, or are we out looking for new people to teach?" - 8/18/14

18 de Agosto 2014

Well hello there!
Fronts and backs of my scripture covers
I ordered last week in Catacaos

Long time no see. 13 months to be exact! Pretty crazy, no? I can hardly believe how fast the time passes by as a missionary.

This last week was a pretty good week. Pretty normal though. Not tons stood out. But for sure one of the highlights of this last week was on Tuesday in the training for all of the district leaders. I love trainings and meetings with President Rowley. I know I've said it a million times before, but it's true. He really is the best. And every time I leave feeling ready to work, having been able to receive personal revelation for myself and for my area. 

Every time we meet with him we always read some story from the Book of Mormon and then we analyze it and apply it to ourselves as missionaries. On Tuesday we read in Alma about Ammon. I really always have loved the story about Ammon and how he cuts the arms off all the goobers that are trying to steal the sheep of King Lamoni. But we didn't really focus on that part of the story. We talked mainly about the part after. When all his other servants go and marvel before the king at what Ammon had done. And then the king asks where Ammon is. And he was obeying the orders of the king and was getting his horses ready in the corral or stable or whatever it is called in English. And then after reading that, President looked at all of us and asked, "Are we like Ammon? What are we doing after we have baptisms? Are we the kind of people that marvel and celebrate having a baptism, or are we like Ammon and out looking for new people to teach?" That was pretty cool. Because all 40 district leaders were just silent. That is one thing that I love about President Rowley. He isn't really one that gets on your back about things, but he is always helping you look for little ways that you can improve as a missionary. Anyway, I thought that was super cool!

Another thing that was pretty cool about this last week was the visita de trabajo that I had with Elder C. That kid never lets me stop laughing. He is one of those always happy, game to do anything, kind of kids. It's super fun working with him. He doesn't know much English, but he is always saying little words to us in English here or there that he knows. And he has a super funny accent. He's a really good missionary too! He hasn't had much success though. But he's not getting down on himself. He is still wanting to work hard and do what he needs to do! And pretty soon success is going to start coming!

Friday morning we had a super sweet service project. So there is this less active family that we are teaching. They used to have a door on their house that they took out. But there was just the hole there from the door. So they weren't really able to leave the house unattended. So anyway, Elder C worked in construction for like 10 years before the mission. And he has made hundreds of brick walls before. So he volunteered to help this family and build this brick wall for them so that they could leave their house unattended and be able to attend church! I had never done anything like that before in my life. It was kind of fun though. And it was a super great service activity! Because the family was able to come to church on Sunday! SWEET! 
Building a brick wall 
Our completed wall
Sitting on a bridge after our service project
Well anyway. I know it's a super short email this week. And I'm super sorry about that. But I sent pictures so you can't complain too much! Hopefully next week it will be longer!
I love being a missionary! I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. The Lord guides this work! NO DOUBTS! And I'm so grateful to be able to be a part of it!

Love you!

Elder Baker

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