Friday, August 22, 2014 many people can you think of that aren't active in the church, and study the Book of Mormon every day? - 8/11/14

11 de Agosto 2014

Well hello there!

This last week has been a great one! I don't even know if I'll be able to fill you guys in on all that happened.

Me and Elder R
So anyway. Last Monday I told you guys that I didn't have much time to write because my companion had to travel to Lima. So anyway, that night we headed over to the mission office in Piura. And once we got there, the assistants gave him, and all the other people that were traveling, their travel plans and they headed off to the airport. And I stayed back with Elder R. We ended up coming back to my area that night super late and were here until Tuesday night. It was so much fun being with Elder R. He is actually from my group. We have been here the same amount of time. But I really didn't know him much before that. It was great spending a day with him as my companion. We talked so much in English. That was so nice. It was kind of hard at first though because we always use Spanish words when we should use English words. Like for example, the word in Spanish that means "to take out" is "sacar". So Elder R was trying to tell me that he had taken out money from the ATM and he said "I sacked out money from the ATM." And I just burst up laughing. And he had no idea that what he had said doesn't really have much meaning in English. It's going to be fun learning English again after the mission.
Don't eat grapefruit right after brushing your teeth!
Tuesday night we had to be at the airport at 9:30 and the group finally got back at about 10 pm. They told us that it was too late to travel back to our areas that night, so we went and stayed the night in the apartment of Elder Ch and Elder Ci. Elder Ch from Syracuse, Utah. We were talking a ton about Utah. That was pretty cool. He played basketball at Syracuse. And his best friend is the kid on Syracuse's basketball team that had his shorts on backwards when they played against Davis last year. jaja. That was pretty fun. But anyway. We ended up going back to our apartment super early Wednesday morning.

Wednesday we got a pretty cool text. It was from J V. He is a returned missionary that texted us and said "Quieren bautizar? Llamenme!!" which in English is "Do you want to baptize? Call me!" So obviously we called him right away. It's not every day that you get those texts. But anyway, we talked to him and he told us that his mom, who wasn't a member, had gotten married on Saturday, and was able to be baptized! His mom is a super great lady. She has been attending church for years and is honestly more active than lots of the members. She knows the mission lessons inside and out. The only problem was that she wasn't married so she couldn't be baptized. But after about a year of going through paperwork and getting everything taken care of, she was able to be married! So that was pretty great! So that afternoon we went over to her house and reviewed the baptismal interview questions and talked to her about her baptism. And it was super cool that she wanted to be baptized Saturday! She had been waiting long enough and didn't want to have to wait another minute! So that day we spent pretty much all of our time getting the baptism things taken care of for Saturday!

Thursday we had our zone meeting in Castilla. It was a super good zone meeting. We talked about the Book of Mormon. There is a lot more emphasis on the Book of Mormon right now in this mission than there was when I started. And I love it because there really isn't much more important for us! We talked about why we need to help everyone read the Book of Mormon. Because how many people can you think of that aren't active in the church, and study the Book of Mormon every day. NO ONE! But anyway, that was pretty great! I liked it a lot!

That night we had a visita de trabajo with the zone leaders. I was in Castilla with Elder T, and Elder S was in my area with Elder G. It was super fun working with Elder T. He's a super great missionary. He has one transfer in the mission more than I do. I learned so much from him. One thing I loved about working with him was that you could tell that he really just loved being a missionary. There is really not much more important for him than the gospel of Jesus Christ. And he has huge desires to share it with others! It was super great!

Saturday was a pretty crazy day! So anyway, that afternoon was the baptism. So that morning we spent all morning getting all of the last minute details ready. And at about 4:00 that afternoon the baptism started. There were plenty of members there to show tons of support to the Hermana. It was a super great baptism! I always love after baptisms just watching the people that were just baptized and seeing the huge smile on their faces. It really is a super special day for them. It is one of the best parts of being a missionary!
Lots of members to show support at the baptism
This weekend was ward conference here in La UniĆ³n. So Saturday night we had ward council, with the stake presidency present. It was kind of funny. All the members were so scared. The stake presidency is super cool though. And it actually turned out to be a super great meeting! 

The next morning was the ward conference. That is one thing that Peru has on Utah, as far as the church goes. Ward Conference here is super cool. In Utah it is almost just like any other Sunday. But here it is a celebration! They have tons of flowers up by the pulpit in the cultural hall, everyone comes in suits (which is something that doesn't happen much here), and they put a choir together to sing a musical number, even though they don't all really know how to sing. And the part most important is that they do all that they can to make as many members as possible attend church. And it turned out to be a super special meeting. The spirit was definitely felt. It was cool to be able to see how it turned out! 

This last week was pretty cool. Today for p-day we went to Catacaos with Elder Ch and Elder Ci to buy some souvenirs. That's one of the only really cool places to buy things like that here in the mission. And I don't know how much more time I'm going to have here, so I decided to take advantage of the time that I have here super close and go and buy some things. I bought some scripture cases that are pretty sweet. They will be ready next week. The guy can put almost anything you want in this leather. Super cool. And I also bought a leather bag for proselyting. 
My bag from Catacaos

This last week has absolutely flown by. I'm so grateful to be a missionary! I know the church is true! No doubts!

Love you guys! 
Elder Baker

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