Monday, March 2, 2015

The months are turning into days! - 03/2/15

2 de Marzo 2015

Holy Moly! February has already come and gone! The months are turning into days! 

This last week was great! I honestly love my new companion! He is super sweet! His name is Elder M. I probably told you a little about him last week! It's super fun working with him! Because we get along super well. And even though we both have been in the mission quite a while, we both are still super excited to work! Time is going by super fast! I really have trouble believing how fast it goes by! 

Lots of stuff happened this last week. For lots of the time I had to help my companion get to know the area and get to know the members. And another thing that we did a ton this last week was talk to new people. Right now we have the goal to talk to over 100 people a week. This last week we talked to 81. This week we are going to talk to more though! Talking to people can be funny. At first it scared me so bad. But in the mission I have learned to just do it. Now it's actually kind of fun. Because you never know what people are going to say. Some people are super receptive. And some people are straight up rude. But my companion and I don't let that get to us. We just laugh about it and keep going. And it actually has helped us out a lot this last week because we really didn't have many investigators. But we were able to go find some new ones this last week! We figure that maybe 10 in 100 people will become investigators. And maybe one in every 100 will end up being baptized! We have some pretty high goals set for us! But we are super excited to keep working! 

Sunday night we had a meeting with President Rowley, the stake president here in Tumbes, and also the other zone leaders from the other zone. We have that meeting once every month. We talk about how the missionary work is going in the stake and changes that we need to make. That was a pretty cool meeting! The stake president here in Tumbes is super cool. It's fun being able to work with him! So we are excited to keep working here in Tumbes. The church has only been here in Tumbes for 25 years. So it is still relatively new. But it's growing! So that's great!

Today for Pday we watched Meet the Mormons with President Rowley and the 2 zones here in Tumbes! That was sweet. I had heard tons about that for so long and was dying to see it! So I'm super happy that I was finally able to see it! It was super good though! Probably my favorite part was the Bishop from Atlanta's dance. jajajajaja. That's crazy. And then afterwards, some of us went and ate Pollo a la brasa. I love pollo a la brasa with Inca Kola. I'm gonna miss that a ton after the mission. 

Tomorrow we have to travel to Piura for the leaders’ conference which is going to be on Wednesday. So I'm pretty excited about that! It should be super fun. I'll try to take some pictures this time... I hope we get to eat in Chilis--that would be the best! Because there are hardly any restaurants that you can trust here in Tumbes! They closed Dominos down. But not just in Tumbes—in all of Peru because supposedly they found a rat in one of them in Lima. So that's kind of a bummer! I was super happy with Dominos here! But anyway, speaking about pizza, our pensionista goes to Ecuador every weekend to visit her family. And this week she brought us pizza from Guayaquil! That was super sweet! Our pensionista here is the best! 

Sorry there's not more time today to write!!  We are pretty busy! But I'm doing well! I love you all! Thanks for all the love and support! 

Elder Baker

That sounds super sweet about the BYU basketball game vs. Gonzaga! Sounds like BYU has a decent team this year, but they’ve had lots of ups and downs. Hopefully next year they will be better! ;) Love you! 

I’m grateful for piano. Even though I never applied myself to learn, I wish I would have. But every morning listening to piano music helps me feel the spirit! I love music for real! 

We were going through our room and throwing tons of old papers away and we played basketball with them. We are not very good though--that's why all of them are on the floor. But anyway, after we finished, I realized that it looks just like the game Paper Toss for iphones. jajaja

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