Friday, March 27, 2015

We are definitely in the rainy season here in Tumbes! - 3/16/15

16 de Marzo 2015

Half of March has already come and gone... I don't know what to say today. My mind has gone blank. But I'm sending lots of pictures so you can't be too upset with me!

This last week was a good one. A hot one, but good. My companion and I were really struggling these last few weeks with finding people to teach. We were talking to tons of people, knocking on doors, and doing everything we could think of to find by our own efforts or find through the members, but nothing was working. The good thing is that this week we did find 1 promising investigator! Her name is M G. She is super prepared. We actually talked to her one day on the streets and she invited us to go back and teach her! So this week we had a first lesson with her! She isn't from Tumbes. She is from Chiclayo, but she has been living here for almost 2 years for her husband’s job. She expressed to us that sometimes she feels alone without many friends but has been searching for comfort through the Bible and has been trying to come closer to God! And want to know the coolest part? She said that she really only has 1 close friend that visits her. Her friend C. And want to know the coolest part!?!?!? C is a member of the church here in our ward! So everything is going amazing with this so far! My companion and I are super excited for this next week to be able to teach her again!

We are definitely in the rainy season here in Tumbes! Friday night it rained for like 6 hours. Saturday night it rained for like 7. And Sunday night it was also raining a ton. And it will probably rain again tonight! It's pretty cool though! I like it a lot!  Except for that it means that more mosquitoes will probably be coming. Friday night I was on exchanges with Elder A and the rain came super duper duper strong. We came back walking through the streets that had turned into rivers and by the time we got back to the apartment we were super wet. We walked in and turned on the lights, and we went to the kitchen to take a drink and there were 3 giant cockroaches on the kitchen counter. So we hurried and grabbed shoes and smashed them. I'm not really a big fan of cockroaches. I hope they don't become a big problem with the rain! Cause they're kind of gross!

Being a zone leader is going great. There are always lots of little problems that we have to help fix. And lots of extra duties that we have. But it's great! I really love these transfers as a missionary! They are a little bit stressful, but they are good! I'm learning a ton and improving as a missionary! My companion is great! We are working hard! Wednesday night we had to go pick up the district leaders from the bus station at midnight that were getting here from Piura. So that night we didn't get much sleep. And that next day was a super filled day with tons of stuff to do. But that's just sometimes how it is as a missionary! Running on empty! But somehow I'm always able to make it through it!

Our zone in Tumbes

Church yesterday was good! We had a special meeting with 2 wards together and the stake presidency spoke to us about hurrying the work of salvation! That was super sweet! I loved that meeting a ton! That afternoon was kind of a bummer though because my companion got sick and so we couldn't go out and work. But sometimes that's just how it goes!

Sorry I don't have tons of time! I promise I will write more next week!  Love you guys a ton!

Elder Baker

 Some pictures from P-day activities today:

Me with a statue in Tumbes. It's called La Ascencion. It's pretty cool.
And... It's HUGE!

The other zone leaders in Tumbes with me and my companion.

In a combi going to the frontera with my companion and the other zone leaders.

At the frontera with my companion

Police station on the border.

Lunch in a restaurant.

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