Monday, September 1, 2014

All of us have our mistakes and errors, but thanks to our Savior, we can change. - 09/01/14

1 de Septiembre 2014

How does that sound to you guys? It's already September! I can hardly believe it. I have now officially been in the mission field for more than 1 year. That is super crazy to think about! 

This last week was a great one! Filled with tons of great things! It was a super busy week though.
Fronts and backs of new scripture cases made here in Peru for
me and my brother and sister. So sweet! 
New pants that a member here made for me!
Me with a member here.
Elder C (the giant) squished into the middle of the backseat of a very small taxi.

Last Monday after we got done with P-day we went over to have a Family Night with the P Family. They are super sweet. L, I, and Y got baptized in March, and hopefully pretty soon their mom and their sister will also be getting baptized. They still don't have a baptismal date, but they're progressing! So that's super exciting! But anyway, that family night ended up being super cool. We decided to share with them the story of the Anti Nefi Lehitas. (I can't remember how you say that in English). But it was super cool. That was always my favorite scripture story as a little kid. I remember when we would read it for family nights in our old house out of that sky blue book. I don't know if you guys remember it or not, but I sure do. It has a picture of them standing in front of a giant hole in the ground throwing all of their swords and weapons into it. So anyway, we decided to have an activity with the family to help us all bury our own weapons of war. So we made little swords out of paper and we had everyone write something that they wanted to change on their swords and then we buried our own weapons of war and promised to never go back to doing that again. Like the Anti Nefi Lehitas did. But actually we really burned them and not buried them but it was super cool!

Wednesday morning we had to go to Piura to have interviews with President Rowley. Some people are always nervous for interviews. I don't know why though. Because I can hardly control myself I'm so excited for interviews. I'm bouncing off the walls! Well actually, not really. But I always am super excited for interviews with President. Because my mission president really is the best. He always asks us to do something to prepare for the interviews, and this time he invited us to read Alma 36 and 37. Those are 2 super great chapters. I love the story of Alma the younger. Because he went from being someone who went around with the sons of Mosiah trying to destroy the church, to becoming a great prophet. I love seeing people change. That's one of the things that I love about the gospel. That it helps us change. We can get rid of the bad things in our life and become the person that our Heavenly Father wants us to be. But anyway, that was pretty great. I love interviews! 

One funny thing that happened this last week. We went to visit I T and we are sitting there visiting with their family for a minute before we start the lesson and her son that is like 9 years old turns to us and says "We just bought a new computer. Because a mouse crawled into our old one and peed and ruined it." jajaja. Only in Peru would that happen.

So this last week there were two baptisms here in La Union! So that was pretty great! On Saturday an older couple that was probably about 70 years old got baptized. It was super exciting for Elder C and Elder C. Because it was the first baptism of the mission for Elder C and the first one of this area for Elder C! They are a super great couple. They have 2 daughters in Lima that are members and sent a reference to us here to go and visit them! References are great! It is so much easier to find people to baptize when the members work with you! But anyway, there was only one problem about the baptism. The water here in La Union is super cold. And this was a super old couple. And we were worried that it might be a little bit of a problem if they had to be baptized in that water. So we came up with a plan. Friday we had to go and get 2 giant pots. Probably like 20 gallon pots. HUGE! And Saturday morning we went over to the church and made fires with firewood to heat up giant pots of water to pour into the font. We did that for about 5 hours. But afterwards the water was nice and warm and ready for the baptism! The baptism went super well.  

The actual baptismal service went really well. The only thing that happened was that outside they were doing construction. And so during the opening prayer you couldn't really hear very well. And my companion thought that they had said amen when really they were still praying and he looks up and says amen super loudly. jajajajajajaja. If we weren't in the middle of a baptismal service I would have died of laughter. It was so awkward! But everything turned out great! 

Well there is a lot more that happened this last week. The only problem is that there isn't much more time. I'm writing in my journal every day though so don't you worry! I still haven't missed a day! I'm pretty proud of that! 

I know the church is true! NO DOUBTS! Love you guys! Have a great week! 

Elder Baker! 

Glad that BYU won their game.

Colder weather sounds super nice. I miss feeling cold... 

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