Monday, September 22, 2014

If we want to help the church to grow, we need to find families to teach. - 9/22/14

22 de Septiembre 2014

Well hello there. I honestly have no clue what to write. That always happens to me. So much happens during the week and by the time it's finally time to write home I can hardly remember a thing that happened and it all just seems like a giant blur. It's okay though. 

This last week was great! Super, duper, duper fast week though! And sure enough, it keeps getting hotter and hotter as we are now approaching summer. I'm kind of scared. But whatever. I'm not really sure what will happen. I might just die from sweating too much. But for real. I'm always sweating. My face is always soaked and there is always sweat dripping off my chin. I know it's gross, but it happens. And the people will just look at me and be like "Are you all right? Are you dying? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need water?" JAJAJAJAJA And I just laugh and tell them that I'm just sweating because it's hot outside. That's one thing that I miss from Paita. In Paita you are so close to the ocean that there is always the ocean breeze to cool you down. Whatever though. I'll probably survive. So now for the highlights of the last week.

On Tuesday we had training for all the district leaders of the mission in the mission home. That was pretty fun because now that we have 14 months in the mission, pretty much all of us are district leaders. So that was fun seeing tons of friends and being able to talk with them! The training went super well. The theme of it was families. The entire mission right now is focused on finding families because for a while the only people that had been getting baptized were women and kids. But in the meeting President Rowley talked about the importance of families. He told us that he knows that the men are the hardest people to baptize, but he also talked about the need that we have for more priesthood holders here in the mission. He told us that we need families here in this part of the church. If we baptize only women, the church isn't going to grow. If we baptize only men the church isn't going to grow. If we want to help the church to grow, we need to find families to teach. A mother and father that are going to be able to go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. So that was pretty great.  Right now in the mission we are doing a lot of different things to focus on families. Like for example we have to contact at least 2 couples in the street every day and report to our leaders in the mission if we did it or not and the results of the contacts. And believe it or not, it's working. This last week our whole zone here in Sullana has found so many couples to teach! The Lord is hastening the work! But anyway... after the meeting, Elder T, Elder O, Elder B and I went and ate peanut butter ice cream with brownies at El Chalán. It was super great! And another great thing of that day was that for lunch we had Papa Johns. I love pizza!!!!
Enjoying brownies and ice cream
Wednesday I had a visita de trabajo, exchanges, with Elder A. That was pretty fun. It was nice working with him for a day. He is a super funny elder from Guatemala. And he loves to work hard. He is always laughing and has a joke to tell. He's a great leader in the mission! And I was able to learn a ton from him! It also helped me a little bit with stress. My companion right now is great, but I was feeling super stressed out about little things. The exchange helped me a lot with that. It helped me remember why I'm here on the mission. I have to make the best of every moment that I have here on the mission!
Exchanges with Elder A

Me and my comp with our zone leaders

So for the coolest investigator for the week. This week we went to contact a less active member. She has been less active for a long, long time. But we went and knocked on her door and she let us in and we were able to teach a lesson with her and her 17-year old son who isn't a member. His name is R. They are facing some trials right now in their family and I know that the gospel is what they need! The spirit was super strong in the lesson. And the Hermana was pretty much crying by the end of the lesson. Her son as we were leaving looks to us and says, "I hope you don't stop coming to visit us." That was super sweet! I know that we as missionaries have exactly what is going to help them in their lives! The gospel of Jesus Christ is such a blessing! I'm so excited to continue and visit them this next week!

I'm loving my new area. I love Sullana. The mission is the best! Unfortunately I don't have tons of time today. So the letter isn't super long. But I sent some pictures! So you can't complain too much! 
Zone Activity for p-day - futbol

The patio outside our apartment - you can see our kitchen on the back wall (jaja)

Thanks for everything! Love you guys tons! The church is true! NO DOUBTS!

Elder Baker

The Ogden temple dedication sounds great. I miss the temple. I want to go to the temple so badly! It's been over a year since I went in Lima. The people here have to travel 16 hours to Lima to go to the temple. And in Utah we live less than 16 minutes. It's such a blessing!

Lauren: Well your time's running down. This is probably the last email that you will read from me while still in the field. Thanks for being such a great example! I really am so grateful to have been able to serve at the same time as you! You really have inspired me. You have changed tons of lives. Being a missionary is the best. We will never ever, ever, ever, ever, forget these times! I know the church is true! And I'm so grateful for this chance to share that testimony with others! Te quiero y te amo! Muchísimo!

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