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Marcavelica...reminds me of Disneyland...Going there honestly just makes me happy! - 9/15/14

15 de Septiembre 2014

Well hello there family. This last week has been quite the interesting one.

I'm here in Sullana in the Sanchez Cerro ward. It's super sweet! Sullana is a stake. And there are 5 wards, I think, with some branches and groupo familiares. So it's pretty big. There are like 24 missionaries here I think. Our ward has six--4 Elderes and 2 Hermanas. It's great!

Not going to lie, I'm kind of liking being here in a ward that is established because the last ward that I was in was a new ward. And it still wasn't very big. So that means that there is not as much support from the ward. But here the ward is awesome! Super supportive! And another great thing is that there are some youth with mission calls and youth waiting for mission calls that accompany us! I wish I could have gone out with the Elders before the mission. It probably would have helped me prepare a ton! But I didn't ever even meet Elders in Utah. jaja. One of the joys of being from Utah. But anyway, I'm loving it here in Sullana!

My companion is good. The good things about my companion is that he has good desires, and he's obedient. Which is a whole lot better than a trunky companion, that's for sure! But anyway. This last week for us went super well. We taught 10 lessons with members present. 10! That's a new record for me in the mission. Before that the most that I had ever taught with someone was 9.

Something super cool about my area is that we have part of Sullana and Marcavelica. Marcavelica is super sweet! It's a little town about 15 minutes from Sullana. When I started the mission there was a groupo familiar in Marcavelica. And there were full-time missionaries. But unfortunately there was a long time without much progress so they closed that groupo familiar. And it now belongs to the Sanchez Cerro ward. But there are still lots of investigators and lots of faithful members there in Marcavelica. So, 2 days every week we get to go and work there. And I love it. It's so pretty. You might think this is funny, but it actually reminds me of Disneyland. jajaja--not all of Disneyland, but the part over by the Jungle River Cruise and Indiana Jones. Because it's like kind of a jungle. And they have little fruit stands set up on the side of the road selling coconuts and lots of different kinds of fruit. jaja. It's so cool! Going there honestly just makes me happy!

There is a super sweet recent convert in Marcavelica named M N. She is like 40 and she and her daughter that is 12 are members. She is super cool. And probably the coolest part about visiting her is talking with her parrot. jaja. It's so funny! It dances and talks. It likes to bite though. So I haven't been able to hold it yet. But if you talk to it a lot it starts to say "Callate la boca" jajajajajajajajajajajjaajajajajaja which in English is "Shut your mouth." jajaja-- It kills me it's so funny!

So there was a baptism here in the ward on Saturday. It was a baptism of the Hermanas. But the guy who got baptized is super cool! Since I'm District Leader I was the one that got to do the baptismal interview. His name is J A and he is 26 years old. He honestly has the strongest testimony ever! There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to be a super strong convert here in the church! I like baptismal interviews. It's one of the coolest parts about being District Leader!

So probably one of the coolest families here in Sanchez is the family of our pensionista. The N F family is the best. She is our pensionista and she washes our clothes for us. She and her husband are both super cool! Normally when people feed you here in Peru they serve you your food and then leave you alone to eat it. But she and her husband sit down with us at the table and talk with us! They are so cool! She is a returned missionary and her husband is a convert to the church. They have a son that is on a mission in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Almost every day after lunch she gives us a little bag of chifles. Chifles are the best. They are like potato chips except that they aren't made from potatoes. They are made from green bananas. No joke. When I first got to the mission I kind of stuck up my nose to them because they were banana chips. But over this past year I have fallen in love with them. They are super greasy and salty. So don't worry about my health. Because I'm sure between those and Inca Kola it's completely fine! jaja. But for real. Although there aren't many super obese people here, most everyone has got a gut. I'll show you guys my testimony after I get home! It's growing every day! jaja. Pretty soon my testimony is going to be so big that my pants don't fit so well! jajajaja. But don't worry too much. I'm not gaining that much weight. I gained at first, but I think it's kind of leveled off.

Well anyway. I'm super happy being here in the mission! I love my new area! It is big and there are tons of people to visit! We taught on average 6 lessons a day this last week! So that was great! More than in my last area!

Thanks for all of the love and support! I love all you guys! I know the church is true! NO DOUBTS!

Elder Baker

P.S. -  My companion and I arrived in the mission the same day. I have one more month than him though because I was in the CCM longer. He has been a member since he was 11 but he was less active his whole life and reactivated about a year before the mission. Here in Sullana there are like 5 wards. I'm District Leader. We live in an area called Lopez Albujar I. It's by a Plaza Vea. Real plaza. Maybe by that you will be able to find it. It's super close to the entrance of Sullana from Piura. 

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