Thursday, September 11, 2014

I had to say goodbye to lots of people. That is always the worst part about transfers. - 9/8/14

8 de Septiembre 2014

Well hello there familia. This last week has been pretty interesting. It's been a blur though. And I'm having trouble thinking straight today. Because a ton has happened. 

First off, I was transferred. That was kind of expected. Because I had been in my last area for more than 4 months. So that's pretty exciting! 

But anyway. My last week in La Unión was pretty good. We learned a lot. Not going to lie though, I was more than ready for these transfers. It's been super great working with Elder Salcedo because he really has taught me a ton. But at the same time, it's always nice to get a new companion, new personality, new start, new goals, new ways of teaching, and in this case--a new area! But we were able to work hard our last week together and enjoyed it! 

Probably the most memorable thing of this last week was a family night that we had with the P family. That family really is super sweet. And I'm really hoping that the rest of the family that isn't members will be able to continue progressing! But anyway, in the family night we decided to talk about faith. A little principle, but soooooooooooo important. It all starts with faith. Faith is what drives us to do what is right. Faith is what gives us the desires to change! It really is so important! 

But anyway. A family night isn't complete without games after the lesson, so that night we had some super sweet games. We played a game with a bunch of different coins. It's pretty hard to explain but it was super fun. And Latinos, when they play games, they like to have punishments for the people that lose the games. So for the punishment you had to have your face painted by everyone else. It was actually super duper fun. Everyone ended up leaving with a painted face. I felt kind of silly though walking through the streets back to our apartment though. Because my face was green white and yellow. jaja. I walked almost all the way back to the apartment staring at the ground....
Great FHE and games, Peruvian style!
This last week we had a zone conference in Castilla. I love zone conferences. They are great. I love meeting together with other missionaries. It always makes me remember that I'm not alone in this work. There are more than 80 thousand others backing me up. I love being a missionary! But anyway, the meeting went super well. We talked about D&C 20:37. Because that scripture talks about the requirements of baptism. And unfortunately here in South America there are a ton of less active members. So President Rowley wants us to focus on making sure that people really are ready to make the baptismal covenant. Because that way there will be more converts in the church and less less-active members! 

Saturday night they called us about transfers. And just like we were expecting, Elder C and I both ended up getting transferred from La Unión. Elder C went to Piura. And I ended up coming here to SULLANA! Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited to be here in Sullana. Sullana is about 1 hour from Piura in the opposite direction of La Unión. And it's a super cool city. My pensionista and her family seem to be super sweet! My apartment seems to be super great. And so far my companion seems to be a pretty good one! My companion's name is Elder E. He is from Lima and he's got about 13 months in the mission. I'm excited to work with him and to get to know my new area. I'll be sure to write you more about it next week. My area is called Sanchez Cerro!

So since it was my last week in La Unión I had to say goodbye to lots of people. That is always the worst part about transfers. There are lots of people that I'm super grateful to have been able to meet. The people here are super different than they are in Utah. They have a different culture and they speak a different language. But I really have grown to love these people! It really is such a blessing to be able to be here in the mission and to meet so many people. And be able to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. There really isn't much more that you could ask for...
Ward Mission Leader in La Union

Thanks for all of the love and letters! Love you guys a ton! The church is true! NO DOUBTS! 

Elder Baker

I'm thinking that it might be better if you just don't keep me updated about the Cougars for the rest of this season. Because I swear, if they have a super duper duper duper amazing season while I'm on my mission........ugh! That would be two big blows. With the Red Sox last year and BYU this year... Oh well though! Being here is better than anything that has to do with sports!

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