Monday, October 6, 2014

Feel happy for the chance ... to share the gospel with others! It is such a great blessing! - 10/6/14

6 de Octubre 2014
Hey guys. How are ya? Crazy to think that Lauren will be leaving Australia in a little more than 24 hours. Are you guys ready? That's absolutely crazy thinking about! How time passes. I remember like it was yesterday when we were sitting at In n Out in Provo before heading over to the MTC to drop her off. Time has passed by fast, that's for sure! I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have had to serve at the same time as her. It's going to be kind of sad not being able to say that I have a sister that is a missionary just like me on the other side of the world. But whatever. Everything happens for a reason! That's one thing that I'm 100% sure of. She has been able to do some amazing things over this past year and a half, and now she's got something new in front of her! Love you Lauren! Don't feel sad. Feel happy for the chance that you had to be in Australia! And for the opportunity to share the gospel with others! It is such a great blessing!

So this last week went super fast. But then again, which week doesn't feel like it goes by quickly! 

Last Monday night we had a visita de trabajo. This time I was with Elder A who is from Cochabamba, Bolivia. He is a super cool kid! He is 25 years old. And it was great working with him! Tuesday went pretty well for us. District meeting in the morning. The zone leaders decided to attend our meeting. But that's okay because our zone leaders are sweet! And anyway, that afternoon went well. Except that it was super hot. And that I got sick. jajaja. Just my luck, no? But it went well. Even though I was getting sick we still decided to go and eat hamburgers in a restaurant called Queen Burger. jaja. Burgers and Inca Kola. There isn't much better. But for real! I have no clue what I'm going to do after the mission without Inca Kola! Why doesn't everyone drink it in the states? It's so good!

Wednesday kind of stunk. Because I had a headache, my throat hurt, and the water spout of my nose was turned on and I couldn't figure out how to turn it off! But anyway, I'm not going to write much about that day. Because it wasn't too fun.

Thursday was a lot better! In the morning we had a service project! We painted an apartment on the second floor of our apartment building. C C from the ward helped us with it! It was super fun! And after we finished, Hermana M gave us a 3 liter bottle of Inca Kola. That was nice. 3 liters. Inca Kola. That is a GREAT combination! jajajajaja. Why aren't there 3 liter bottles of soda in the states?? Peru has got a few things on the states..... But anyway. 

Beker Paint

One of the best days of the week was Saturday when we went to Marcavelica. Marcavelica is super pretty! And we are teaching the P family! Which is going super well! Luckily this time E's mom didn't come and ruin the lesson again. We had the lesson with E and his wife, D. It was a super spiritual lesson. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then at the end of the lesson we invited them to be baptized on November 15th! I'm super excited because they accepted! That date is a little far away. And I wanted to set a date for the end of October, but something inside me said that that wasn't right. So I figured that it was a prompting from the spirit so I did what felt right even though it wasn't what I really wanted to do. But now I know that the 15th of November is perfect for them! Because they still have a little bit to go before they have super firm testimonies, but they are going to get there! And we're going to be here the whole time to help them! 

So anyway, while all of you guys were enjoying General Conference this weekend, I was walking in the streets not watching it. What a bummer, no??  Because this weekend was elections weekend in all of Peru. So on Saturday and Sunday it was illegal to have any kind of meetings in public places (Church buildings). And it was illegal to sell alcohol (which I wish they did every weekend!). And yeah, so anyway, they are going to rebroadcast it next weekend here to Peru for all of us that weren't able to watch it this last weekend!  

Sunday was the day that everyone had to vote so that was kind of a boring day. But there was one great thing about Sunday! We found a super sweet new investigator! Her name is F B! I would say that she is like 35 years old and is pregnant with her first kid! We actually contacted her in a park a couple of weeks ago with her husband and she gave us her directions, but Sunday was the first time that we have been able to get a hold of her and teach her! But she is honestly one of the most prepared people that I have ever taught! She is super intelligent. And understands what she reads. Which is always nice, because lots of people don't understand almost anything that they read. But anyway. We had a super sweet first lesson with her! And we have an appointment to go back and teach a second lesson when she and her husband will be there! I got back to the apartment super happy that night! I wish every day we were able to find investigators that sweet! 

But anyways. I'm super grateful to be here on the mission. It really is the best 2 years. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! I have honestly learned so much in these last 14 months! I know the church is true! And every single day my testimony gets stronger and stronger! I know it's true! NO DOUBTS!

Love you guys tons!

Elder Baker

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