Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Lord really is hastening the work. And I'm so grateful to be a part of it! - 10/20/14

20 de Octubre, 2013

Well hello there family! Another week has come and gone.

Well the big news for this week...... my companion was transferred to Piura. So that means that I have a new companion here in Sullana which I'm super excited about! Today is his first day here with me. He seems pretty cool. But then again, I only met him like 4 hours ago. But anyway, his name is Elder C. And he is from Cusco, Peru. Want to know something crazy?? He lives like 3 hours from Machu Picchu. But that's not the crazy part--the crazy part is that he has never ever gone to visit Machu Picchu. Are you kidding me???????? People come from all over the world and pay tons of money just to do that. And he could do it for like 10 dollars. And he's never done it..... jajaja. Supposedly that is pretty common in Cusco though. Supposedly there isn't a ton of hype to visit it. I don't know if I'll ever understand, but whatever though....
Missionaries from my District
My last week here with Elder E went pretty well! I learned a lot from him. Lots of Christ-like attributes that I was able to work on. It was good working with him. He really is a good missionary. He is here to invite people to come unto Christ. And he is able to do that. I hope that he was able to learn a little from me. Because I sure learned from him. With every companion you learn new things that help you improve. The mission life is great!

So, the P family is doing well! They came to church on Sunday, but only for sacrament meeting. We taught them the Word of Wisdom this week. And it went really well. They aren't alcoholics, but they do drink beer at fiestas and other events, just like every other Peruano. But when we taught them the commandment, they committed to abandon those things in their lives! Pretty cool! I love when you teach something and the spirit testifies that it's true. The Word of Wisdom is legit. I'm honestly so grateful for it. I will never ever ever try alcohol. I'm so sick of seeing drunk people in the streets. I have seen so many broken families because of alcohol. Honestly there is nothing about it that is even appealing at all!

The sister missionaries in our district got sick this last week after eating seafood in a restaurant with some investigators. So they were sick in their apartment for like 2 days. Even though they were sick, they still had to go and teach some last minute things to their investigator that got baptized on Sunday! I got to do the baptismal interview on Thursday which was cool. I love baptismal interviews! One of the best parts about being a district leader.

Yesterday was pretty cool! There was a massive baptismal service in the stake center for all of our zone. Like 4 companionships of missionaries had baptisms yesterday, so they decided to do them all together. In all, there were 11 people that were baptized. Which was super cool. We were able to take some investigators to it, which was great. But for real it was so cool seeing like 20 people dressed in white. All those who were baptized and all of the people that would do the ordinance. SUPER SWEET! President Rowley came and spoke which was good. But my favorite part was when all of the people got to bear their testimonies afterwards. Especially the little kids. jaja. They are so funny sometimes. Baptisms are the best. Hopefully real soon we will be having some here in my area! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. But more than that, I'm going to work harder than ever before. I'm going to work until I can't do anything more! The Lord really is hastening the work. And I'm so grateful to be a part of it! 

I love being a missionary!

Elder Baker

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