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THINKING TIME! My favorite! I love questions that make you think. - 10/27/14

27 de Octubre 2014

Hey guys. What's happening in K town?? Things are going great here in Sullana! But for real. I really do love this area. The people are cool. And it's super pretty. The only problem is that Sullana is probably one of the hottest cities here in the mission. It's hotter than Piura, that's for sure. And to think that we're still not even to summer. I don't know how I'm going to survive. But I guess whatever comes, I'll have to make the best of it!

Working this last week with Elder C has been good. He's a pretty funny kid. He has a super dry sense of humor. But when he tells a joke, it's super funny. I die laughing! jaja But it's been good! I like working with him a lot!

Well anyway. We have a new family that we are teaching! I might have mentioned them last week or the week before, but I can't remember. A couple of weeks ago we found a less active member named F R. He was baptized a long time ago when he was part of the young men's program. But when he was like 16 his mom died, and he moved to another place where there wasn't the church and started to make some not-so-great decisions in his life which have led him to where he is now. A few years ago he was super alcoholic. And so anyway, he realized that he really isn't going anywhere with his life and so he wants to change. He has been trying to give up alcohol for a while. And he has changed a lot. Now he only drinks every once and a while on the weekends. But he wants to leave that entirely behind! So were helping him! And the good news is that his wife isn't a member! So we're teaching the two of them! They have a little girl that is like 5 years old and they say that they want to change their lives to give the best of what they have to their daughter who means everything to them! But anyway, they're super cool! And we've been teaching them for a few weeks and they are finally starting to progress and keep their commitments that we leave with them! So I'm super excited to keep working with them! Honestly I want to help them! It's kind of weird. When I met them for the first time it was like I had a ton of love towards that family. Like knew them before! Pretty cool! Kind of hard to explain though! But anyway, they're super great!

Wednesday was fun! Taking Elder C to Marcavelica so that he could get to know it. Marcavelica is super sweet! And there are some super cool members in Marcavelica! The two days a week that we get to go to Marcavelica are the best! For real! But anyway, one of the super cool people in Marcavelica is M N (a recent convert). She is the one that has the parrot that tells people to shut up. jaja. But anyway, right now the two of us are trying to see who can finish the Book of Mormon faster. I was almost sure that I was going to win. But Wednesday we went and visited them and she had read like 100 pages in like 4 days. She is reading a ton! So that means that I have to pick up my reading! The only problem is that as a missionary it's sometimes a little bit hard to find extra time to read! So that means that in every spare minute I have, I'm reading the Book of Mormon! It's worth it though because the Book of Mormon is amazing!

And a cool thing happened with her parrot this week. So that bird pretty much hates the missionaries because they always bug it and do things like poke it with their pens and stuff. So he pretty much hates anyone in a white shirt and tie. But I've been trying to gain his confidence. I feed it things that it wants. It loves to eat chocolate crackers and stuff like that. So anyway, after feeding him a cookie, he bit my finger super hard and it started bleeding. But Elder Baker never gives up. I'm going to fight until the last day of the mission! jaja. But anyway. I kept going. And I guess that now that we're blood brothers he likes me. So he actually climbed up onto my arm and onto my shoulder. We're the first missionaries that it has ever liked! Pretty cool, no? But anyway, as soon as it got up onto my shoulder it pooped on my shirt. And the funny thing is that I wasn't even upset at all. Because I was so happy that it had finally climbed up onto my arm!

Hmmm... should I bite his ear?

Thursday went well for us. We had a zone meeting! Which was super great. Probably my favorite part of it was when we talked about the difference between a testimony and conversion. A testimony is when you know that the church is true. But being converted means that you have a testimony and that you act upon it and obey the commandments and do what you should do. And then the zone leaders asked us a super sweet question. They said, "Is the way that you act as a missionary showing that you have a testimony or that you are really converted?" THINKING TIME! My favorite! I love questions that make you think. And then they asked us another super sweet question. They talked about before the mission when we were preparing to come and they asked us, "What did you want to achieve as a missionary? Are you doing it??" BOOM! Another great thinking time! The thing that I love about questions like that is that it helps you realize where you weaknesses are and where the areas are that you can improve. Because we all have weaknesses. We have to make those weaknesses strong though!

Sunday was super sweet! TONS of people came to church! The chapel was completely full! We ended up having to give up our seats so that others could come in! I love it when tons of people come to church. It makes me happy to see so many people taking part of all of the wonderful blessings that our loving Heavenly Father is offering unto us! I love the church! I'm so grateful to be a member! I love being able to partake of the sacrament every single week. During the mission I have been able to change the way that I look at the sacrament from being a repeated thing that we do every week, to a way to really apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life! And now with this different perspective, going to church has such a different meaning to me! It is SO important in our lives!

Well, sorry that I don't have much time to write about more. The P family is still progressing! So that's great! And we are finding more and more people to teach every day! Thanks for all the love and support! You guys are the best!

Love, Elder Baker

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