Monday, May 11, 2015

I've had more than a week straight feeling super well. So I'm super happy about that! Because being sick was the worst. - 5/11/15

11 de Mayo 2015

Hey guys! 

Happy Mother's Day! Honestly it was so great to talk to you guys yesterday! I can hardly believe that that was the last of 4 phone calls home! It was great! I'm glad that you guys are doing well! I'm doing well as well! I have honestly been feeling so much better. I've had more than a week straight feeling super well. So I'm super happy about that! Because being sick was the worst. I have been taking lots of medicine for the last 2 weeks and it has been helping a ton! 

This letter today might be a little short because we talked about a lot of stuff yesterday. And also because today we went and took a bunch of pictures on the border with Ecuador. And I'm going to try to send a lot of pictures because I haven't been able to send pictures for almost a month now. But today I am here with a good computer and I think I will be able to! 

Pictures today for P-day at the Peru/Ecuador border!

Well, this is the last week for Elder M. Next week he is going to be going back to Chile! Crazy! Time passes by so fast! Seems like yesterday when he got here to Tumbes and he still had 3 months left! But we are excited for our last week together! We are going to be working hard! He is going to be traveling to Piura on Saturday morning. So that means we have like 4 more days together. It's been great working with him. He's a super great missionary! I'm grateful to have been able to work with him! 

It's nice being back here in Tumbes! I missed being able to work with our investigators and the less active members! JC is super excited for his baptism this weekend! Elder M isn't going to be here for it though. So that's kind of a bummer! But he's okay with it. JC is doing great! C couldn't come to church on Sunday because he was in Trujillo. But he did go to the Temple open house there! So we are super happy about that! And JS couldn't come either because she had to travel to Trujillo as well. We gave her an invitation to the open house. So I hope she makes it! But she's doing well too! Progressing a lot! 

We had Leaders Conference in Piura last week which was great. We learned a lot. And then we came back to Tumbes. We had our zone meeting which went well. I enjoyed it a lot! Being a missionary is the best! 

Sorry for the short letter. Time is running short. And my mind is kind of frazzled today. But I'm doing well! Thanks for all the love and support! Love you guys a ton!

Elder Baker! 

Family! It was nice talking to you yesterday! Love you guys more than you can imagine! Have an amazing week! You guys are always in my prayers! And I offer lots of them! For sure more than 50 a day. It's one of the things I love about being a missionary! 

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