Monday, May 11, 2015

I've still been pretty sick for this last week... but other than that this week was pretty cool! ...pretty much all of the people that we are teaching ended up coming to Church! - 4/27/15

27 de Abril 2015

Hey guys! One more week down! Time is flying by way too fast! 

Celebrating Elder M's birthday with the traditional egg on the head and then cake with members
This last week was kind of rough. I'm actually in Piura right now. I actually came here yesterday after church. I am going to a clinic here in Piura to do some tests because I've still been pretty sick for this last week. Pretty much sick the entire week long. But there's not much you can do about it! They decided to have me come down here for a few days to get some things taken care of because medical care is a lot more reliable here in Piura.
But other than that, this last week was pretty cool! Probably the best part about it was going to church yesterday. Because pretty much all of the people that we are teaching ended up coming to Church! C, JC, JS, GM, and pretty much all of the less active members that we are teaching! So that was super great. It was one of those moments that make you feel like you are actually doing something as a missionary! 

C is doing great! It's been a little bit hard to teach him because of his work schedule, but he is super sweet! And he is super excited for his baptism! He is reading the Book of Mormon and is doing great! JC is also doing well! Yesterday he came to church for the first time in a shirt and tie that he just bought! It's been kind of hard teaching him as well because of his work schedule but we are able to teach him a couple times each week! 

JS is doing amazing as well! So I'm super happy about that! We were able to teach her like 3 times this last week. And she came to church yesterday and met a ton of members and is super excited about coming back! We talked about baptism with her and invited her to be baptized and she said that she would love to be baptized! So this week we are going to be setting a baptismal date with her! 

Another highlight about this week was that we had interviews with President Rowley. It was pretty weird thinking about how it was my last interview with President Rowley before my very last one right before I come home. It's kind of cool though that I am going to be coming home the same time as President Rowley! I think he is going to be getting home one day after my group. But anyway, I had the last interview of the day. And normally it is like 10 minutes, but we talked for like 30 minutes. It was super cool. I'm so grateful for President Rowley! He has helped me so much on the mission! I have no doubt that he is the person called of God to help direct this mission in this time! We also talked with him and his wife that day about my health. And that's when they told me that I was going to be traveling to Piura to do some more tests. 

So anyway, yesterday after church I had to go to the bus station to travel to Piura. I actually traveled with Elder H who is also having some troubles with his health. He is from Georgia and is super funny. Our companions stayed back in Tumbes and will be there until we get back. The main reason that we came is just to get better medical care than what is available in Tumbes. And since we have both been struggling for a while with our health we decided to come here to see if there is anything that we can get figured out. Last night we slept in the mission office. And today we went over to the mission home and played ping pong with all the office elders and with President Rowley and his wife. So that was pretty fun! I have lots of pictures to send home, but this computer is super sketchy and I'm almost certain that it has a virus so I don't want to connect my camera to it. I think I'll send pics next week on a computer that is a little more safe. I think we'll be here tomorrow as well and then we will be traveling to Tumbes again Wednesday! There isn't much time to write, but I hope you know I love you guys! Have a great week! 
On the bus headed to Piura with Elder H.

Elder Baker

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