Monday, May 11, 2015

This mission hasn't been easy for me, but I know that it is the only perfect mission for me! - 5/4/15

4 de Mayo 2015

Hey guys! How're y'all doing?? 

This letter might be a little short today. Sorry about that. But there's not much time. We had to spend a while in the clinic today waiting to see the doctor.

Playing ping pong with President & Sister Rowley and others for P-day in Piura
One more week has come and passed by. It has been a very interesting week though. I got to spend it all in Piura! But the good news is that I'm feeling a little bit better this week than last week! 

We spent a lot of time at the doctors this last week. First we went and saw a doctor and he gave me some medicine to be taking. And then for the rest of the week they were doing lots of different kinds of tests. They took my blood and they gave me an ultrasound jajaja. That was kind of funny to check some organs. And they made me do some other tests. And that took about all week long. This morning we went back and talked about all the results with the doctors. And they all came back negative. So that means that I don't have any parasites or dangerous bacteria. So that's a good thing. Looks like the medicine that I have been taking has been helping a lot. This last week I had at least 3 days that I wasn't sick at all. So I'm super happy about that. And there are still some more medicines that I'm going to be taking for the rest of this week to continue to help. So I'm super happy that I'm finally starting to feel better.

I'm excited to go back to Tumbes. I have been in contact with Elder M this last week almost every night. And it sounds like everything there is going well! So I'm super happy about that! He is going to be coming to Piura tomorrow because on Wednesday we have Leaders Council in the mission home. And it looks like on Wednesday we will be going back to Tumbes! I'm super excited! I've missed it! 

This week has been super great though. Don't feel bad for me. I got to do a lot this last week. I got to work with a bunch of missionaries here in Piura. I got to see tons of missionaries that I hadn't seen in forever! I got to work with Elder R, Elder S, Elder C, Elder P, and a few others! I really have enjoyed myself in Piura. Yesterday I passed by Lopez Albujar in a bus and it brought back so many memories since I was in my first area! Time has flown by! I'm so grateful to be a missionary here in this mission! This mission hasn't been easy for me, but I know that it is the only perfect mission for me! It makes me kind of sad thinking about how short of time I have left in the mission! Thanks for everything guys! Love you all more than you can imagine! Keep strong! Be obedient! The church is true. I know it!

One of my days spent with Elder S. It was his birthday, so we had to do the traditional egg and flour on his head--that's what we do here in Peru when it's someones birthday.
Elder Baker

P.S. - The temple in Trujillo is going to be dedicated in June! So I'm going to be here for the dedication! This weekend it's going to be open for the open house! All the members here in Piura are super happy about having a temple just 6 hours away!

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