Wednesday, June 17, 2015 sad it's going to be to leave the mission behind! - 6/8/15

8 de Junio, 2015

Hey guys! What's up? Nothing? Cool. Here we´re just chillin'. But chillin' actually means running around with absolutely no time at all.... but that's just kind of how it goes out here sometimes! It’s been a good week though! 

So anyway, last week after writing you guys we had to run. Because we had a first appointment with a new investigator named C. He is the grandson of a member here in Tumbes. He is from Piura, but he has been here for a few weeks with his grandpa and he is going to be here for about a month! And it's pretty cool because he actually lives in Lopez Albujar in Piura! That's where I started my mission! So much time has passed by since then! But anyway, that night we had a pretty good lesson with him. He is super receptive! And he is super cool. He is 20 years old and has come to church now! We are going to teach him again tonight about the Plan of Salvation! So I'm super excited about that! 

That night we got back to the apartment though and we couldn't find the keys to our apartment. My companion had had them but they were nowhere to be seen. So we had to backtrack for about 30 minutes and make some phone calls but after a while we found out where they had fallen out of his pocket and we were able to go and get them! That's a miracle! Because the only other person that has a copy of our room key is the owner. And he lives in Lima. So that would have been very difficult getting our keys back! 

Tuesday morning we had to leave super early to travel to Piura for our leaders’ conference. So we got to Piura at about noon. That afternoon I got to go to the hospital to stay with Elder Y. He is the personal secretary in the mission. But he had appendicitis. So they operated on him and he was there recovering. But there was lots of stuff that had to be done and he is pretty much the only person that knows how to do it, except for my companion, Elder V, because he used to be personal secretary before coming to Tumbes. So Elder V got some stuff taken care of in the office and I stayed in the hospital with Elder Y. I kind of started feeling sick that night though. I think I had some sort of 24 hour illness because that night I could hardly sleep because I was super cold and I woke up with a horrible stomach pain and I had to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes. So I had to go to my last leaders’ conference feeling super sick. At least I was able to sit though it without having to run out. That would have been embarrassing. But anyway, even though I was sick the conference was good! We talked about tons of cool stuff! It was kind of sad though because it was the last one for President Rowley and his wife. And at the end when they bore their testimonies they started to cry! That was sad. It made me realize just how sad it's going to be to leave the mission behind! 
Mancora is the most famous beach in Peru

My card--it's full! That means that I'm in my last transfer.

In President's office with cards for all the people in the mission.
Selfie in a moto taxi in Piura

At the hospital with Elder Y.

Pizza with Elder F - So good!

After the conference we had to go over to El Dorado to travel back to Tumbes. But when we got there they told us that the highway was closed because in Cancas, which is like halfway between Tumbes and Piura, there was a paro, which is like a civil protest where there are thousands of people on the highway burning tires and not letting anyone pass. It's supposedly their way of protesting. And it had been going on since Tuesday afternoon but on Wednesday night it was still going on. So that means that we couldn't travel back to Tumbes that night. We had to stay another night in the office. But thankfully it stopped that night so on Thursday morning we were able to travel back to Tumbes. It took like 6 hours though because the bus was going super slow. I was super grateful to be back in our apartment with all our stuff. Traveling to Piura this week was an interesting trip! 

Since we had to travel to Piura for leaders’ conference, we also had our zone meeting this week which went super well! It was fun to teach it with Elder V. He is honestly a great companion! I'm so grateful to be with him this last transfer! I'm so happy that I have a great companion to finish the mission! 

Things are also going great for C! This week we reviewed some last things that he needed and on Sunday after church he had his baptismal interview with Elder C and he passed! So that means that everything is ready for this Saturday night! I'm super excited for that! It's going to be the best part of this next week! 

Love you guys tons! Thanks for always supporting me! Have an amazing week! WELCOME SUMMER 2015! jaja, but I'm ready for some cold weather, not gonna lie.....

Elder Baker 

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