Wednesday, June 17, 2015

...there are thousands of crickets... they aren't small crickets... they are giant crickets - 6/15/15

15 de Junio 2015

Hey family! Just as usual.... Time is passing by. Super fastly. And I honestly can't remember much of what has happened this last week! Time always seems to just fly by! And then when I get here my mind goes blank! 

Well the best part of this last week was definitely Saturday. Want to know why? Because C was baptized! Everything honestly went great! There weren't any problems! He had his interview last week so this week was pretty chill. We kept meeting with him every other day and on Saturday we had everything ready for his baptism! That's not to say that it was easy. Saturday we had to spend like 3 hours cleaning the baptismal font. Want to know why? Because right now in TumbesLike giant grasshoppers. And they are everywhere. Lots of times it's hard to sleep at night because they are always making their squeaky sound. Ugh... But anyway, when we opened up the baptismal font there were over 50 that were alive and like 100 that were dead. And it smelled horrible. So we had to kill all the ones that were still alive and clean the baptismal font and mop it and clean the mirror and everything. But after a few hours the church was super clean! And it was ready for that night! Tons of members came to support C in his baptism! So I'm super happy for him! Honestly he is probably the most intelligent investigator that I have ever taught on my mission. Hearing his testimony after the baptism was super cool! I have no doubt that C is going to be a great member of the church! A future leader here for sure! 

Another great part of this week was that I got to have exchanges with Elder C! He is my district leader! So it was super cool to be able to work with him again! It had been a while since the last time we worked together back in La UniĆ³n! He really is one of my best friends in the mission! One of the kids that I'm grateful to have met! It was a great day with him too! We honestly ran from one lesson to another. I think we taught like 7 lessons that afternoon. In just 5 hours! That's a ton! It was a sweet day that I enjoyed a lot! 

Sunday I got to speak in church. That was kind of cool. The bishop asked us (me and Hermana M) to speak in church because both of us are finishing our missions this transfer. And it is probably the last sacrament meeting for us here in Tumbes! Because this next Sunday is the temple dedication and then the Sunday after that we are probably going to already be in Piura, because that day I have my last interview with President Rowley! It was kind of sad. Honestly Tumbes has been one of my hardest areas. Probably the area that I have passed the most hard times. But I have learned so much here! And despite all the hard things, I'm going to miss it a lot!

This next week President Rowley and Hermana Rowley are coming for our multi-zone conference which is going to be pretty sad for most of the missionaries. Because for pretty much all of them it's going to be the last time that they get to see them! I'm grateful that I will get to spend the last weekend of the mission with them! So my companion and I are pretty busy right now getting everything taken care of for that!

C Z is progressing a lot! He has been to church now like 4 times! And we have taught The Restoration and the Plan of Salvation! Tonight we are going to teach him about baptism and invite him to be baptized! Hopefully everything goes well! Next week he should have a baptismal date!

Love you guys tons! Thanks for everything!

Elder Baker

P.S. - I'm doing great again as far as my health goes! It was just a little 2 day bug I had last week. But it's true. I've had a rough time here in Tumbes with my stomach!

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