Monday, June 8, 2015

L. Tom Perry really was honestly one of my favorite apostles. Because he was always so optimistic and happy! - 6/1/15

1 de Junio, 2015

That's kind of weird. Junio. These months are passing by so fast! This morning I woke up and realized that I'm starting my last month as a missionary. And if it is anything like these last few months, it is going to pass by in the blink of an eye! I'm excited for what I have left though! I'm going to have to make the best of it! I really am never going to have another opportunity like this again! 

Things are still going well here in the ward! I'm still getting along great with my companion! He's super sweet! He teaches me a ton! I'm super grateful to be able to work with him! This last transfer is going to be one of the best! 

The ward is doing well! JC is doing great! Yesterday in church he received the Aaronic priesthood! So I'm happy for him! We taught him about Family History this last week and he is super excited to start doing his family history! And in just a few weeks they are going to dedicate the Trujillo Temple! So he will be able to take some family names to do baptisms for the dead! It really is going to be such a blessing for the people here in the north of Peru to have another temple close. I am so excited to go to the temple dedication on the 21st! And I'm also excited to go to a session at the temple again after getting home. That's something that I have missed a ton while being here in the mission! 

Lots of other things have been happening! Lots of zone business. But that's kind of fun. Like this last week President Rowley came to Tumbes to do room inspections. So on Wednesday we got to spend pretty much the entire morning with President going and visiting all the missionaries in the zone. That was pretty cool. It was kind of weird though because each time we went to a different apartment, president was pretty much saying goodbye to them. Because it was pretty much the last opportunity that the missionaries are going to have a one on one experience with him. I'm glad that I get to finish with President Rowley! He really is the best! I am so grateful that I have gotten to work with him for my entire mission! 

Another fun thing this last week was that we had to help move some stuff. I had told you guys that they closed an area in this zone. So we had to move all the stuff from the room before June 1st because this month we aren't going to be renting the apartment! So on Friday morning a member helped us move all the stuff from Pampa Grande to the elders’ apartment in Corrales because they have a big apartment with room to store all the extra stuff like mattresses, bunk beds, closets, microwave, and stuff like that. But it was super fun. The road that goes to Corrales is super pretty because the whole time you are passing by these super green fields and sitting in the back of a member’s truck. I wish I had taken my camera to take some pictures because it was honestly super pretty! Honestly right then I was sitting there thinking about how grateful I am to be here! Honestly I will never have another experience like this again in my entire life! 

C is still progressing! Yesterday we finished teaching him all the missionary lessons that he needs to be baptized! So everything is going great for his baptism on the 13th! I'm super excited for him! 

Well I really don't have much more time today! We have to go do a few things today because tomorrow we have to travel to Piura for the leader’s conference which is going to be pretty fun! Love you tons! Thanks for the love and support! 

Elder Baker

P.S. - My diet is doing a lot better! I'm not sick any more. Every once in a while I feel kind of iffy. But for the most part I feel pretty good! And I have been eating more milk products and I haven't been getting sick at all!

And it's kind of sad about L. Tom Perry! That kind of surprised me! He looked great in the conference! He really was honestly one of my favorite apostles. Because he was always so optimistic and happy! 

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