Monday, June 8, 2015

We have seen a ton of progress these last weeks in 2 less active families that we have been teaching! - 5/25/15

25 de Mayo, 2015!

Holy Moly! Time is flying by way too fast! I really have no clue where all this time is going! Seems like just yesterday I was sitting here at this same computer writing you guys a week ago! 
Playing soccer today in Tumpis. I'm the one in the coral color PSG soccer jersey! jaja (Because I'm sure you can't recognize me)

Saying goodbye to Elder P last week when he finished his mission!

This last week went super well for my companion and I! I'm so glad that my last companion of my mission is going to be Elder V. He's a super great missionary! He is 26 years old and was only baptized 2 and a half years ago but he has a super strong testimony. And it's honestly super nice that he's super mature. And, he likes to live in a clean apartment, which I love. Because I cannot handle dirty cochino apartments! They are the worst! But he's not like that at all! 

We had a pretty good first week together! Tuesday was a pretty fun day. So anyway, there were lots of missionaries that ended their missions this last transfer, and there weren't many that came. So that means that in the mission they had to shut a few proselyting areas for a transfer or two. They ended up closing one of the areas in the Pampa Grande ward. So now there are just 2 missionaries in that ward and not 4. We had to go on Tuesday and get everything taken care of for the apartment that the elders left. We ended up having to spend the entire day on Tuesday cleaning the apartment. With 4 of us there, by nine o'clock that night we had it pretty much spotless. Not the most fun way to spend the day, but you have to do what you have to do! 

C is progressing a ton! Elder V and I were able to teach him twice this last week! He came to church yesterday! And right now his baptism is scheduled for the 13th of June. That way, he will be able to attend the temple dedication on June 21st! So I think he's super excited for that! Honestly it's super nice to teach someone that is super educated like he is! I have no doubt that he is going to be an amazing member of the church! I picture him being a future leader in the church here in Peru! 

Another great thing that I'm super happy about is that we have seen a ton of progress these last weeks in 2 less active families that we have been teaching! On Sunday they both ended up coming to church! One family is making little steps! One time we went this last week and we found them all together in the front room of their house reading their Book of Mormons! That was a super special moment as a missionary! Especially after having prayed a million times for that family to know what it is that we need to be doing to help them!

The other less active family that we have been teaching took a little while to get them to start reading the Book of Mormon, but now Hermana is in Jacob and Hermano is in 2 Nephi 15! So we are super happy for them! They are progressing little by little! 

This next week President is coming to Tumbes for his second to last time before he finishes as mission president! So I'm super excited about that! It's always pretty cool when President comes to Tumbes! 

Love you guys! I don't have much more time! But I'm doing great! Thanks for all the love and support you guys give me! 

Elder Baker

P.S. I'm happy for the rain! Rain in Utah is pretty. Here it just causes problems... jaja.

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