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I'm forgetting English. I sound like someone who just recently started learning English as a second language. - 12/15/14

15 de Diciembre, 2014

Well hello again there folks! How goes it? I'm forgetting English. I tried talking with Elder P today in English.... I can't do it. I sound like someone who just recently started learning English as a second language. But whatever! Things happen! This last week was super great! We had some success in our area, we traveled to Piura 3 times, and we got to have stake conference with a member of the first quorum of the seventy! It was a crazy week! But great! 

On Tuesday we had a training for all of the district leaders in the mission home. That was super fun! I love trainings with President Rowley! He is a great speaker. And I always leave those meetings feeling super excited and ready for all the work ahead of me! One thing I loved was that they talked about Christmas. This Christmas is going to be super memorable. It may not be full of tons of turkey or presents or even family, but it is going to be one of the best Christmases of my life!  We ate lasagna for lunch. That was amazing. I love when Hermana Rowley cooks Utah food... In the mission home we never, ever, ever, eat rice. And I love that! ;)

Wednesday was a good day! We actually had a service project! For a family that isn't members of the church! It was actually a reference of members. The family needed help painting their house so they volunteered us to help them so that we could get to know the family and visit them! It's a super amazing family! They have a beautiful home. And it's all decorated for Christmas. It reminded me of my house in Kaysville! So we have an appointment to go and visit them this week! So pray for us that it all works out! 

Thursday was good. In the morning we had our district meeting. That was sweet! I love district meetings. Our district is super cool. It's like we are all best friends. And we are all super happy to be here in the mission. I love districts with cool people that work hard! They are great! 

And then in the afternoon we had to go to Piura to go to the clinic. It had been a month since my companion had gone, so he had to go back for his checkup. It was the 6th time that we have traveled to Piura to go to the clinic in our 2 transfers together. At first it was kind of fun, but I'm so sick of that place. But you got to do what you got to do! no?? He's doing lots better though! So that's good! And when we got back that night, we bought pollo a la brasa. It's probably the most unhealthy food in Peru. But it's so good. It's roasted chicken with french fries and Inca Kola. It's so amazing. There is so much oil and fat dripping off of it. But I love it! Una vez al año no hace daño!

Friday was pretty much our only day of the week that we had the entire day to work in our area. So that was good. It was a great day! Probably the best part was that we were able to teach F and L about the Word of Wisdom. And with F we set some goals so that he can stop drinking! Pray for him lots! He needs it! Especially this holiday season! Because everyone and their dog and their cat and their baby are going to be drinking! jaja. But mainly just the men. Why do they do that??? I don't understand it. I am not a fan of alcohol...

Saturday we had a lesson with T and C! They both have baptism dates! They are progressing! Little by little! Their main problem is that they have super crazy schedules so sometimes it's hard to teach them. They are progressing though! If they don't have all the lessons by the time of their baptism though, we are going to have to change their dates. But right now we are still on track for their scheduled dates! 

This weekend in Sullana was special because it was stake conference. And it wasn't an ordinary stake conference because Elder Uceda, a seventy, came to the conference because they reorganized the stake presidency! It was a super special conference! Saturday night and Sunday morning were super great! Elder Uceda is such an amazing speaker! He looks like this old sweet grandpa, but he starts speaking and he speaks with power! I loved how he teaches! He taught about so many things. My mind is kind of blank right now. But I wrote about them in my spiritual journal! So that's good! He talked a lot about the importance of a strong church. Up until this point the church here in this area has focused on opening up new areas and splitting wards and reaching new areas. But now is the time that the church needs to be strengthened where it is. He talked about how now isn't the time to open up new areas. Now is the time to strengthen the small wards that we have to be strong wards of strength. Wards with 400 people that attend church, not 120-150. It was a huge blessing to be here in Sullana. I feel bad for all the rest of the mission that wasn't here in Sullana! 

Sunday after the conference we had to travel to Piura because Elder Uceda gave a training for all of Piura, Paita and Sullana about ward council. So that was super great as well! I was able to see missionaries that I hadn't seen for a long time. And I got to see a bunch of members from my first 3 areas! I saw A C! He was looking so sharp in his suit. He's going to be turning in his mission papers this next week! I'm so excited for him! He has seen a huge change in his life. When I first met him, he was laying on a couch without a shirt and with a beard watching TV. But he is now a clean cut kid getting ready to go on a mission! The gospel changes people! I'm so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I talked with K P as well, the daughter of E N from La Union! Her mom is active in the church and has a calling in the presidency of the young women and next year is going to teach seminary!!!!! That was probably the best part of the day! I love seeing peoples' lives changed! I'm a tool in God's hands to help others come unto Christ! What a blessing! I love being a missionary! 
Me and A C in Piura! - I love seeing people's lives changed!
A C was my first baptism in the mission in October 2013, now he's ready to go on a mission!
I'm about out of time! But I love you all! Thanks for all the love and support that you give me! Have a great Christmas! 

Elder Baker


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