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What better way could I spend this Christmas than spreading the joy of His Gospel! - 12/08/14

8 de Diciembre 2014

Well, here I am. Another week has come and gone. And I'm still having trouble that time is passing by this fast!

This last week has been full of lots of stuff. Like always. Missionary work is not boring, that's for sure. There is always something to do or something to learn or a crazy thing to experience! 

We're getting close to Christmas! That's pretty crazy! I'm pretty excited! It's going to be so sweet getting to skype you guys on Christmas! We need to start making plans now to skype. When would be best for you guys??? I'M SO EXCITED!!!!
My room here in Sullana

My Christmas Countdown calendar!
 You guys said that you feel like it's kind of hot for December in Kaysville. Let me tell you. I have never felt so hot in my entire life before. This place is an oven. You should see my shirt at night. At the beginning of the day it starts white, but in the collar when I take it off, it's super brown. Nasty, I know. But what can I do??? People look at me like I'm crazy because there is always sweat dripping off my face.... jaja. It's kind of funny. I'm just taking in one day at a time. I love night time when it's only kind of hot and not super, super hot! But it's okay. They say that it's only going to last until April..... jajaja. That's forever! I don't know how these people live here!

We had a zone conference this last week! And it was super great! One thing that I loved was that there are TONS of new missionaries in the zone because there were tons of people transferred! And I like the zone a lot now! Unfortunately there were some kind of clownish missionaries last transfer, and when they are goofing around during the meetings it's kind of hard to feel the spirit. But this time there are tons of great missionaries here! I loved the meeting! We talked about the importance of Christmas. Christmas really is one of my favorite times of the year. Being away from home at this time of the year isn't the easiest thing ever, but honestly, I wouldn't want to change anything because I know it's going to help me feel really why we celebrate Christmas! I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ! What better way could I spend this Christmas than spreading the joy of His Gospel! I'm so blessed! 
Reunion de Zone - Elder Baker back row, far left.
The Christmas Devotional last night was sweet! I was sitting with Elder P which was pretty cool. He's a pretty good buddy here in the mission! It was sweet hearing the Christmas music! Here they really don't do much with music to celebrate Christmas which is kind of sad! Because Christmas wouldn't be the same without music! The bummer was that right when we were watching the part about the little boy with cancer, the connection broke up and we missed like 3 minutes. That was a bummer! But it was still great! 

This last week I was reading in the Book of Mormon when it talks a lot about how everyone kept records of everything that was happening. And I started thinking about how grateful I am for their records because I don't know where I would be without the Book of Mormon! And then I started thinking about how we should all keep our own records. And I started thinking about my journal. I'm proud to say that I have written in my journal every day of the mission so far. And I'm so grateful! Because if I hadn't done that, I'm sure that I would have forgotten about so many amazing experiences that have happened on the mission! And I'm not going to stop when I get home from the mission! If you're not writing in a journal, start! 

Friday night I had a pretty funny experience. We went over to visit E G who is a super amazing member. But her husband isn't a member of the church. And he likes to drink. And while we were talking with her and her 28 year old son, her husband walks in super drunk and sits down and wants to talk with us. And then he brings this 2.5 liter Inca Kola to drink and starts inviting us to drink. After drinking like 2 cups he starts to offer us more. And we tried to say no thanks but he started to get mad (jajaja) so we kept on drinking soda until we had drunk the entire thing! jaja. I had to go to the bathroom so bad leaving that house. When we got back to the apartment I ran up the stairs with tears on my face because I needed to use the bathroom. It was nice after I got my waters relieved though! jaja. Gotta love being in Peru! 

Well I'm about out of time! Thanks for your emails and your support! Love you all! The Church is true! No doubts!!

Elder Baker

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